Eliminated ‘The Bachelor SA’ contestant Tamryn Muller tells her story about her experience with Marc Buckner

‘There’s never enough time because you spend more time with the ladies than with him.’

The Bachelor SA Tamryn Muller

I don’t know about you but I have been obsessed with season 2 of The Bachelor SALast week, amidst all the drama, we had to say goodbye to two strong personalities in the house – Greta Sher and Tamryn Muller.

We chatted to Tamryn about her time in the mansion, and what she enjoyed most about the experience.

About rewatching her exit on the show again on Thursday night Tamryn said that she felt okay with it, ‘Sometimes not everything happens the way you’d want it to.’

On the red carpet and at the first cocktail party, Tamryn was presented as a Lara Croft-type, who was ready to do anything to get her man. The soldier and lawyer was shown clashing with Nolo when she said, ‘Don’t be surprised if you get an invite to the wedding.’

When asked if she was happy about how she was portrayed onscreen, Tamryn said, ‘Yes I am a lot of people can misinterpret it, you know everyone is bound to have their own opinions.’ 

Tamryn was invited on the second group date, along with Rikki, Jess C, Stefanie, Daniella and Gillian. The date was at a skid course and had the women had to compete to beat Marc’s time in a fancy Toyota Supra. Tamryn described the date as interesting.

‘On the date, we got to spend a lot of time together, getting to learn to know one another, that also meant a lot. While there will definitely be chemistry evolving, it was just unfortunate that he missed out on getting to know me. I guess that’s why he also stared at me when I did my national walk [after the rose ceremony]. He couldn’t keep his eyes off me so maybe he does regret it. I should just wait for Women Tell All.’

She also described the date as the highlight of her time in the mansion, as she got to ‘drive in a very expensive car. I also took away some very interesting learning curves in terms of experiences but I got to spend more time with Marc, get out of the mansion and the drama, that was good.’

Marc having limited time with the women also proved to be a roadblock. She explained that entire rose ceremonies would go by without you having a chance to see or talk to the bachelor, which is what happened to her in episode 2. But luckily she got a rose (and she memorably kissed him on the mouth to thank him).

‘There’s never enough time because you spend more time with the ladies than with him. So next season they should have the bachelor live in the mansion.’

About the drama in the house, Tamryn said the clashes can be attributed to the house being filled with a diverse group of women ‘from Cape to Cairo’ and each of them wanting to have their opportunity to connect with Marc.

When asked which of the women she would like to see with Marc, she answered, ‘Definitely it will be the first impression rose, Silke, definitely the wild rose, Pasha, the first date card was Marisia, and Qiniso was the first kiss. Those are the top 4 that I’m rooting for.’

As for what’s next, Tamryn entered Survivor South Africa, so this will not be the last we see of our favourite soldier.

Watch Tamryn and Greta’s final goodbyes here:

You can watch The Bachelor SA season 2 on DStv Catch Up

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