Eliminated ‘The Bachelor SA’ contestant Stefanie Vangelatos tells us that she was planning on leaving that night

‘There was just something that made me feel like, “no, he’s just not for me”‘

Stefanie Vangelatos

We are obsessed with The Bachelor SA, so naturally, we caught up with some of the women that recently left to find out just what was going on behind the scenes of the series that we love to hate. Last week, Nolo Moloi, Pi Serbalak and Stefanie Vangelatos left the mansion. And while all three had different experiences in the house, they all fought for the love and attention of Marc Buckner.

Stefanie Vangelatos is a 27-year-old who is originally from Greece. Stefanie works as a social media influencer and originally took part in The Bachelor so that she can find her Prince Charming.

We caught up with her about her exit on the show, and here’s what she had to say:

∼ She planned on declining the rose

During Stefanie’s time on The Bachelor SA, we didn’t get to see her overtly pushing to spend time with Marc, and by the end of episode 4, she looked pretty much over it. However, when she didn’t receive a rose, she said she was neither surprised nor unhappy. She told us that she told the producers that she wants to go home and if she had to receive a rose, she would have declined it.

‘The thing is I’m generally a very intuitive person so when I meet someone I instantly just know ‘okay, this is someone I like’ or ‘this is someone I don’t like.’ I feel like after I met Marc I wasn’t too certain about it but I thought obviously let me try as long as I can and maybe something will develop a connection. But by episode 3 and after our group date there was just something that made me feel like ‘no, he’s just not for me’ and I was pretty much certain by episode 3 that I didn’t think he was for me..

We didn’t all get that much time to spend with him but there was just something on the times that I did speak to him on that date that we just didn’t have that romantic, physical sort of attraction for him. And I think I realised and I stopped caring to make an effort. Like even at that here was just something that made me feel like ‘no, he’s just not for me’ rose ceremony, I actually didn’t even bother to speak to him, I was like ‘whatever, I’m not going to stand in a line.’

∼ She spoke to Marc for a long time about how she felt

At the episode 4 cocktail party, we saw Stefanie and Marc have a conversation where she explained to him that she was having some difficulty with the competition. She said that they had a conversation for about 10 minutes where she told him that she does not know if it is all worth it for her, and she thinks he based his decision of not giving her a rose on the conversation that they had. But she knew that she was going home that night regardless.

∼ She made some amazing friends

About her time on The Bachelor, Stefanie said that she was grateful for the journey because it led her to the amazing friends that she met in the house. She said the women she met were amazing, despite the drama that is seen on TV. ‘We were all a great group of girls and I’m so happy that I met everyone,’ Stefanie said.

∼ Rikki is her number one choice for Marc

‘Rikki is such a genuine person and she’s just such a nice person, they seem to have chemistry, but so did Marisia and him during the previous episode. They actually seemed to get on really well. I also think Jess R was very much there for the right reasons so maybe further down the line we might see more of them interacting. And I think Mulesa as well is an amazing person and they also seem to have incredible chemistry.’

∼ She is now in a promising relationship

When we asked what is next for her, Stefanie said she will be focusing on her career. She previously worked in marketing and events planning and is perhaps looking for a job change. She is also a lifestyle influencer who has worked with local and international brands and will continue to grow her Instagram account. She also found love after she left the mansion and that will be a big focus for her, going forward.

You can watch The Bachelor SA season 2 on DStv Catch Up

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