Eliminated ‘The Bachelor SA’ contestant Silke Geugis about when she knew she was going to refuse the rose

‘I was upset and maybe said some things that I shouldn’t have.’

bachelor sa silke geugis

Last week’s episode of The Bachelor SA had all the juice you might need to keep you sated during this time of social distancing. We caught up with two of the women who left the house – Parushka Moodley and Silke Geugis about how they felt about their exit from the show.

Silke Geugis had tongues wagging when after Marc called her name to give her a rose, she declined it and opted to go home. Silke is a physics and maths tutor from Cape Town. She is also a vegan activist who loves animals.

Here’s what she had to say:

∼ She doesn’t regret the decision she’s made

Silke decided that her Bachelor journey was over when she spoke to Marc at her final cocktail party. She said, ‘When I had the second conversation with Marc about religion and I could kind of see that he was willing to bend his morals or beliefs for me, just to make me happy, I knew that it wasn’t going to work. But I did not know for sure until he had called my name.’ She added that she was nervous that she would make the wrong decision. However, in retrospect, she knows that she has made the right decision.

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Shoutout to all the girls who also suffer a serious case of RBF like I do ☝🏼 #realtalk Also, even though I may receive harsh criticism for it, I am super proud of myself for remaining true to my character and being my real self throughout this process. Just as it is in the real world, not everyone is going to love you & you are not going to love everyone. It’s okay not to get along with someone. Hate me or love me for it, but at least I was open about people who I didn’t get along with, or agree with how they treated other people in the house and I wasn’t prepared to put on a “tv face” just for the sake of the show and getting a rose🌹 • • • • • • #trueself #rbf #sorrynotsorry #nofakefriends #staytuned #thebachelor #thebachelorsa #bachelorabc #bachelornation #bachelorsisterhood #firstimpressionrose #mnet #mnettv #roseceremony #marcbuckner #jasongreer #episode3 #mnet #lottostar #cocktailparty #babyllamarightinthatdrama.

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∼ She considers her faith a dealbreaker

Silke said that she did not know her faith was a dealbreaker for her until she competed in the show. She said she realised how important her faith was because it was what helped her stay sane in the house. And she knew from then that she would have to be with someone that shared those beliefs.

∼ She’s made some close friendships

According to Silke, at the point where she left the competition, things hadn’t become truly serious between Marc and the ladies so they were still rooting for each other. She said that she made some really good friends in the house, namely Rikki, Parushka, Jess C and Bridget.

She said the highlight of her journey was definitely the group date at the waterpark when she and Jess C got wiped out by the wave. She said it was nice to get away from the mansion and the drama and just spend time with Marc and the girls.

And even though, Silke and Bridget were coined as the ‘Mean Girls’ of the house by social media, she was still happy with the image of her that was portrayed onscreen. Silke had disputes with Nolo and Qiniso while in the house. About her portrayal, she said:

‘Look, I definitely had some ups and downs throughout the show. I was real and there were times when I got emotional and that was shown, I was upset and maybe said some things that I shouldn’t have but I think all in all, in the end, my true personality came through and the fact that I have morals and I wasn’t willing to bend them.’

∼ She thinks Rikki and Marc will make a good match

When asked who she would like to end up with Marc, she very quickly answered, ‘Rikki:’

‘They are more the same age, they like the same things, they get each other and I think she’s really there for the right reasons and looking to settle down.’


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