Eliminated ‘The Bachelor SA’ contestant Rikki Brest on why she knew she was going home

‘I wasn’t overreacting. It was time for me to have time.’

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Things are heating up on The Bachelor season 2, as Marc Buckner is making connections and it seems to be getting quite serious. Unfortunately, it means that we also have to say goodbye to some people. And this week, fan favourite Rikki Brest was sent home.

Rikki Brest from Johannesburg is an accomplished DJ, presenter and actress. She has appeared in several soaps including Isidingo, Generations and 7de Laan. 

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I am beyond ecstatic to finally be able to say that I did not receive a rose!! I want to say how unbelievably proud I am of each and every one of the incredible women that took part in this journey. Putting yourself out there to be vulnerable in front of millions of people is scary beyond imagination. It takes more courage than what most people will ever understand. We are strong. We are beautiful. But most importantly, we are all so very brave!! Many people have asked why I did the show, so let's have an honest moment here. I am almost 35 and wasnt meeting anyone. So, instead of sitting around complaining, I decided to send the universe a message that I am ready to meet my person. Every fiber of my being did this with true intentions and for genuine reasons. Why am I so straight forward? I have been through circumstances in my life, that led me to finding my strength. For most of my life I never believed I was worth a grain of sand. But, I have done massive amounts of personal growth work to learn to love myself again. To know that I am worth more than I've ever given myself credit for. Even on the days I don't feel an ounce of it, (and believe me there are many of these days) I force myself to speak as if I do believe it. Therefore, I need to speak my truth. When I left that night, I was very happy to. Watching the show back, I thank my lucky stars I didn't end up with someone that runs at the first sight of a strong woman who isn't scared to speak her mind. Generally I have always believed a mature relationship should be able to handle real conversations where you are able to challenge each other in order to grow. Good looks and a six pack means nothing if your heart is not pure. If your soul can't connect with mine on a deeper level, you are not my person. As much as I would love to find my person, I will never settle. To those that have supported me, I am so grateful for you. Thank you for being so passionate about my journey to find love. I have struggled with the fact that by leaving I am disappointing you, but I hope you will see that this is the perfect way it could have ever worked out for me. Thank you ❤ #TheBachelorSA #journey #celebrate #happy

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We caught up with her after her final episode aired to find out what she had to say about Marc, the girls, and everything else.

∼ She was really frustrated towards the end of her journey ∼ 

When Rikki left, she was not impressed by Marc, and when she chatted to us she said that not much has changed. However, watching the show has helped her gain perspective about various things. She said she found herself questioning whether she was being unreasonable expecting to get a one-on-one date, but when the other girls started questioning it too she realised that perhaps she wasn’t being unreasonable.

‘It’s not really fair. And then watching the show back, it’s very clear to me how I wasn’t getting time. And that gave me the answer of no, I wasn’t overreacting. It was time for me to have time,’ she said. 
Rikki notoriously wasn’t chosen for a one-on-one date except for the one after her racing car group date. But she said that because she wasn’t getting one-on-one time with him she had to utilise the time that she had at the cocktail parties. This prevented her from really getting to know him and having real conversations. Because at the cocktail parties, everything is a rush, and they are constantly interrupted. ‘I landed up trying to use the cocktail parties to try and get him to give me that time that he never did.

∼ She had planned on rejecting a rose if he offered her one ∼ 

When asked if she would have accepted a rose if Marc had offered her one she was very clear on her answer – no. Rikki said that from that morning she knew that she was going to go home, she just hoped that Marc didn’t make her have to reject a rose (like what happened to her friend Silke). She told us that the morning she wrote letters to each of the women that remained in the house to say goodbye, to encourage them and to wish them luck with regards to her relationship with them, she knew that she was going home.

∼ She was really confused by Marc’s actions ∼ 

She mentioned the fact that Marc kept saying that he was spending more time with the women he was less sure about. Which she deduced to mean that he was sure of her, but he sent her home without giving her any time so was confused. Rikki said she thinks that he saw how frustrated she was and that she was running out of patience. ‘I’m not quite sure why he hadn’t given me a one-on-one and why he kept me there if he wasn’t planning on giving me a one-on-one. It’s really bizarre to me. I don’t know.’

Rikki did say that what made her frustrated was knowing that she was there for the right reasons yet he was spending all of his time on people that might not have been. As he was spending time with people he was not sure of, she felt that he wasn’t giving her a chance or an opportunity.

∼ Her highlight was meeting the other women∼ 

She said initially it was quite daunting her to enter a house full of women, but she said she was blessed with the people she met. She said special friendships were formed and she believes that they will be friends for life. ‘I believe that’s the real reason why I actually was meant to do the show,’ Rikki said, ‘I do believe souls meet for a reason.

∼ She doesn’t think going on The Bachelor was worth the emotional turmoil ∼ 

Rikki feels jaded by the journey. She said that she saw it as an opportunity because she was tired of trying so many different methods of meeting people but she doesn’t think it was real.

I don’t think that it’s worth putting yourself through that emotional and mental rollercoaster that you go through. I just don’t I don’t think it’s right. I don’t think it’s healthy. I think that once in a while it can work but the chances of that are between one and 22. It’s just not worth putting yourself through all of that heartache for such a small possibility of it actually being real.’

∼ She thinks Marc should end up with Bridget ∼ 

She thinks that Bridget is a good match for Marc. She said that after watching the show, her opinion about their relationship has changed. Rikki says that she believes that they would be good together as they have a friendship, ‘which is a good start to a mature and healthy relationship.’ She also said that Bridget is a lot of fun and they laugh together, they have fun together but they can also have real conversations. 

∼ She hasn’t found love yet ∼ 

She hasn’t met someone special, especially since she has been so private about her journey on The Bachelor up until now. But she is open to the opportunity:

I haven’t, I’ve obviously been very private about, you know, what happened on my journey on The Bachelor, so I haven’t really put myself out there, you know.

I think what’s next is just, you know, carrying on with my life and my career and focusing on my own happiness. And if I meet someone, then that’s amazing. And if I don’t, then I completely understand that that’s not what’s meant for me. So, yes, I’m open to it, but I’m not going to focus too much on it.  It must happen because it’s meant to be.

You can watch The Bachelor SA season 2 on DStv Catch Up.

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