Eliminated ‘The Bachelor SA’ contestant Pi Serbalak about why she thought she wasn’t Marc’s ‘cup of tea’

‘I think he may have a thing for blondes.’

The Bachelor SA Pi Serbalak

As we await the next episode of The Bachelor SAwe caught up with some of the women that recently left to find out just what was going on behind the scenes of the series that we love to hate. Last week, Nolo Moloi, Pi Serbalak and Stefanie left the mansion. And while all three had different experiences in the house, they all fought for the love and attention of Marc Buckner.

Payal (Pi) is a Business Development Manager from Johannesburg who climbed Kilimanjaro in July 2019. She has raised money for the SPCA and loves animals. Payal loves travelling and has her provincial colours in judo, baseball and volleyball. TBH, she’s just a really cool and kind soul.

We caught up with her about her exit on the show, and here’s what she had to say:

∼ Some of the women are different on-camera and off-camera

Pi said that living in the house, you would get to know the ladies very well, but that could also be only one aspect of the ladies. She said when watching the series on Thursday nights is can be shocking, but also not showing. She said it can also be a bit of a contradiction because at times you know what’s coming, but you don’t know what is actually going to be shown. But there were definitely some sides to people that they didn’t see in the house, as in, some women were very different on camera.

∼ She felt early on that Marc wasn’t interested in her

When asked if she felt that she didn’t have adequate time for Marc to get to know her, she said yes.

‘The group date was really great for us all hangout and you know to sort of interact with each other and Marc. It was basically a bunch of girlfriends hanging out with one guy. We do chat here and there at cocktail parties. Obviously a lot is edited. So the viewer only sees an hour of what we’ve been shooting for days and weeks on end. So I really don’t feel like we had enough time but I also felt very early on that I wasn’t his cup of tea,’ Pi said.

However, she said on paper, Marc was 100% her type. She said when being interviewed for The Bachelor SA, she said her ideal man was someone who was close to their family, loves dogs, loves travelling, loves the outdoors, loves wine… which is Marc.

∼ She feels disappointed that she didn’t find love

She said that she felt more disappointed by the fact that she didn’t get a shot at love. She entered the competition without knowing who the bachelor was going to be, but she made it clear to the production that she was not going to be on the show if she was not physically attracted to the bachelor. Pi said she had no reason to do the show, other than for love.

‘So in that sense, I’m disappointed that I didn’t find love at the end of it however I’m not too disheartened that Marc didn’t choose me because at the end of the day there really are some incredible women on the show that the public don’t really get to see and get to know. As I said, I’m just not his cup of tea and that’s really okay with me because everyone may have a type and I just didn’t fit that mould.’

∼ ‘We really do love each other’

According to Pi, the best part of her Bachelor journey was the women that she met in the mansion.  ‘Nobody would understand the journey that we’ve been through,’ Pi said, ‘So for me definitely the friendships that we’ve made in the house that hopefully will last outside of the house. I really don’t have any doubts about that.’

‘We really do love each other and I think the public is going to be in for a bit of a shocker because they see all the drama and once we are actually able to post etc and meet up, I think the public will be pleasantly surprised by the friendships and bonds that have come up out of all of this drama.’

So if you could play matchmaker for Marc with any of the girls still left in the house, who would you choose?

∼ She thinks that Marc prefers blondes

‘But if I had to pick it would certainly be Marisia, I think he may have a thing for blondes, and judging by the date that they had, I mean sparks were flying all over the place,’ Pi said, ‘When I watched the episode I just caught myself grinning from ear to ear because you obviously don’t at this stage, think you are dating the same person. So you’re very happy for your friends that have great dates.’

‘Definitely Rikki, I feel like she’s super real, an absolute stunner – inside and out – and she really was there for the right reasons,’ she added, ‘And Jessica Ross, I also feel that Jess Ross was there to find love, there weren’t any hidden agendas etc, and I feel like there could be a few sparks brewing between the two of them judging by the conversations that I’ve seen.’

∼ After this, she’s going back to her normal life

Pi keeps all her social media accounts private so after publicity for The Bachelor SA is over, she is keen to get back to her normal life. She said she just wants to get back to her work, spending time with her friends and family, ticking bucket list items off and counting down the days to May when she can hang out with the other ladies again.

You can watch The Bachelor SA season 2 on DStv Catch Up

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