Eliminated ‘The Bachelor SA’ contestant Nolo Moloi sets the record straight

‘I just think I was giving them a taste of their own medicine.’

bachelor sa nolo moloi

As we await the fifth episode of The Bachelor SAwe caught up with some of the women that recently left to find out just what was going on behind the scenes of the series that we love to hate. Last week, Nolo Moloi, Pi and Stefanie left the mansion. And while all three had different experiences in the house, they all fought for the love and attention of Marc Buckner.

Nolo Moloi from Midrand, Johannesburg was an opinionated and strong force in the mansion. She’s a founder of a social enterprise called The Cause Couch, a freelance radio host and a voiceover artist. During her time in the house, she played a starring role in many of the disagreements involving Bridget, Silke and Andeline, and LBH helped make the show a lot more interesting.

We caught up with her, in order to tell her side of the story, and learn about what we didn’t see on camera.

˜She was herself the entire time˜

In the last episode of The Bachelor, Nolo was portrayed as a bit of a villain in comparison to the other women. Two incidents took place – one where she was confronted by the girls because of her speech at the previous cocktail party where she wanted to set the record straight regarding her disagreement with Bridget; and one when after all the girls agreed that Andeline would be the first one to speak to Marc at the next cocktail party and she jumped in front of her.

When asked about how she feels about the way she was portrayed, Nolo said that watching the series has allowed her to learn so much about herself. She said that at times she was a bit of a pushover, but she was always herself. Everything that was shown onscreen was her being true to herself.

˜Her fight with Bridget was basically about heightened emotions˜

A lot of the drama over the past few weeks referred to a fight that happened between Nolo and Bridget off-camera, and because we didn’t get a proper diary session explaining it, a lot of viewers were extremely confused. We asked her to explain what exactly went down:

So the beef between me and Bridget was because I was crying prior to Bridget coming to the room. And I had told Bridget, ‘I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t feel like talking to her.’ Similarly when Silke did when I was trying to talk to her and she said to me that she doesn’t feel like talking to me. Yes, it might have been impolite but I didn’t go about crying and telling everyone she’s a bully because she doesn’t want to talk to me. I actually did feel like crying but I was like, ‘Cool, I respect your space and that you don’t feel like talking to me.’  And then Bridget churned it out to basically say that I was the reason why she is crying when actually I wasn’t, and if I was again, I’m sorry about that, but I’m not sorry about my emotions at that point.

She saw me over and over again ignoring her and then she kind of felt terrible for me not wanting to communicate with her. So that was basically the beef between myself and Bridget. And at the end of that whole conversation, Nolo was the bully, Greta could hug it out but Nolo was not taken into consideration. Nolo didn’t hug it out with anyone, no one asked Nolo if she was okay. It was just like ‘life goes on you don’t matter.’

˜She felt as if her feelings weren’t taken into consideration˜

She said what also hurt was that none of the other girls stood up for her. She made a point of mentioning that Tamryn was in the room when she was crying prior to Bridget entering, but she didn’t confirm her story.

The scene where all the women confronted Nolo at the beginning of the episode was a bit difficult to watch as you can clearly see that she was the underdog in the situation. She described the house as a ‘toxic environment.’

‘I would say a lot of times my feelings weren’t taken into consideration and other than that there were times when girls were being vicious and I apologised for things that I actually shouldn’t have been apologising for. And I just think I was giving them a taste of their own medicine. And I was kinda really over being in the house because of the conflict and it wasn’t nice anymore so that is what was going on with me.’

˜She kinda felt okay with jumping in front of Andeline˜

At the cocktail party, Nolo shocked the other girls (and the audience) by not respecting the pact to allow Andeline to take the first slot with Marc and stole him away for a private moment before anyone else could. After they had both had time with Marc, Nolo approached Andeline to apologise but Andeline did not accept her apology.

Looking back Nolo said she was kind of okay with her response to Andeline. She said she was still felt a bit upset about how Andeline spoke to her at their earlier group confrontation:

I felt okay in what I did in going before her because prior you guys would have seen Andeline was talking to me like a 12-year-old girl and I just felt like that was very disrespectful especially because again I was so nice to her. I was literally having such a great conversation and now you’re with the other girls and you’re treating me like a little child and I was like, ‘Absolutely not, I’m not going to take that.’

˜However she did meet some amazing friends in the mansion˜

Oh yes definitely, there were quite a few girls who were absolutely wonderful in the house. Yes, there was drama but it wasn’t like being in hell. So I did form quite a few relationships. There are friendships that I think hopefully will go on after the show – there is Daniella, there is Mulesa, there is Qiniso, Marisia, there’s Rikki. There’s quite a few actually.

˜’We were fighting over a man we didn’t even know’˜

She said that while reflecting on the time spent in the house, she realised how crazy it was that they were all fighting over a man that they don’t even know. ‘That is ridiculous we don’t even know if we like him. So why are we already being catty towards each other if we don’t even know if this is the guy we want to be with,’ Nolo said,  ‘So when I walked in, it wasn’t for me a competition, I said a number of times that it wasn’t a competition because I don’t even know if I like this guy.’

˜She wouldn’t change a thing˜

‘The group date was fun, I enjoyed being with the girls, I loved living in the mansion. I got to learn so much about myself from being in there and it did the absolute most for my confidence. I’m really glad I did it, I would not change a single thing. It was amazing.’

˜If she could pick the perfect match for Marc…˜

‘When I saw his date with Marisia I think there was definitely a click there like they are a thing, they could totally be a vibe. Rikki, because she’s a good person and I just think she’s sincere; and Mulesa, because Marc thinks she’s the most beautiful girl in the world; Qiniso because she has such a great personality and Daniella because I feel like I was just so close to Daniella if you ever want to laugh Daniella is the go-to person, so if you are having a bad day, Daniella is the one. Yes, so Daniella could pick up anyone’s bad day.’

˜Fundraising, modelling and more – What Nolo has coming up˜

She said she realised that she loved being onscreen so she’ll be going into fitness modelling and influencing. She will still be doing voice-over work. Her social enterprise, The Cause Couch, where she helps to find educated solutions for people in disadvantaged areas, will also be running fundraisers in the future. And…she’s still looking for a man.

You can watch The Bachelor SA season 2 on DStv Catch Up

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