‘The Bachelor SA’ season 2 episode 8 recap: A dinner tenser than the Last Supper

Someone gets sent home in their civvies…

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WARNING: Spoilers for The Bachelor SA Season 2 Episode 8.

Thursday’s episode of The Bachelor SA ended in a cliffhanger and that wasn’t even the craziest part of the episode. With more than a few girls starting to catch real feelings, a few tears, horses that were caught in the middle of a triangle and the wild rose made a reappearance.

Let’s get into what went down on episode 8:

A huggy group date

This week’s group date was basically just everyone except Qiniso and Bridget, which was odd, but okay. The remaining girls: Jess C, Marisia, Rikki, Gillian, Pasha, Jess R and Mulesa had a date all about chemistry. Basically what happened was Marc was blindfolded and each of the girls had a chance to feel him up, give him a bit of a hug while being watched by Life, Relationships and Communications Coach, Leah Sefor. It felt equal parts awkward and steamy as each woman tried to distinguish themselves to Marc.

You could see that the women were clearly not enjoying watching each other, and some such as Jess R and Pasha started feeling jealous at how receptive Marc was to the other women. After this exercise, Leah provided some feedback and Marc (correctly) guessed which woman hugged him in order. And then it was the handing out of the roses, Marc gave a rose to Jess R (for putting in the most effort, which did not go down well with the other girls), Marisia got a white rose (which means she has the power to steal a date from another girl similarly to what Pasha did to her), and Jess C finally got her one-on-one date. Or so she thought…

Horsing around on the 2-on-1

Unfortunately, Jess C didn’t get the date she expected when Qiniso turned up and Marc revealed that it is a 2-on-1 date which means that someone has to go home by the end of it. Basically, Marc had individual dates with each girl at a horse-riding farm and then he made his final decision. It seemed as if Marc had burning questions with both girls, for Jess C is was whether she was over her ex, and for Qiniso it was whether she was there for the right reasons.

At their final ‘rose ceremony’ each girl was given a chance to plead their case – Jess C said that she just needs more time with Marc, and Qiniso said how this is not a game for her and she sees Marc as her future best friend and her lover. After this, Marc decided to send Jess C home, and it was very emotional. Especially because the other girls were not there to say goodbye to Jess. Qiniso and Marc then had some alone time, which looked hella cosy:

Here’s the thing though I do think that Marc was a little unfair to Jess C. His problem with Qiniso was obvious, I think he’s a little intimidated by her and he wanted to know if she was really on the show for him and I think she convinced him of that. However, I don’t things were that easy with Jess C, perhaps they didn’t have chemistry, perhaps it wasn’t anything more than friends, but his view that she wasn’t over her ex seemed like a cop-out. Pasha and many other girls in the house have openly spoken about bad previous relationships and he didn’t come to this conclusion. I think by saying this about Jess, he put the blame on her to deflect from the fact that he just wasn’t feeling her as a romantic partner. And dude, that’s okay, but no need to make her feel bad about herself.

Thee world’s most awkward dinner

After Jess C left, Qiniso had to announce it to the rest of the girls and it resulted in a lot of tears, especially from Bridget, Jess C’s in-house bestie. But the dramatics and how emotional the girls were, you would have thought Qiniso said that Jess C had died.

This week’s cocktail party was a little different. Instead of cocktails, everyone sat around one table for dinner, and if my family dinner’s during lockdown have taught me anything is that this is the perfect time for confrontations because there is nowhere to hide. Gillian was up first as she straight up asked Marc why he said Jess R put in the most effort during the group date. Marc was on his nerves and was scrambling for the words to defend himself. I loved it.

Between courses, Marc would pull girls aside for chats and makeout sessions. Bridget was upset that she wasn’t invited on the group date, and it still seems like Marc is going to put her in the ‘friend zone’, but they had their first kiss, and she got a rose. He also proceeded to kiss and give a rose to Mulesa, Gillian, and Pasha. Pasha did not seem happy at how cosy he seemed with the other girls on the group date, and she needs to get a grip. This is the game that she is playing by entering The Bachelor and Marc is becoming aware of her pettiness.

At the end of the dinner (after the girls ribbed Jess R for her selective veganism, this is a reason to watch if any), Jason came in and told them that anyone without a rose should say their goodbyes. And through all the chaos we didn’t even realise that Rikki didn’t have a rose. But like does that mean she’s eliminated or is she just like going out for the night? I’m so confused. According to the next time on, and M-Net’s mysterious tweets this will be continued next week, so we have to tune in!

Final predictions

Marisia’s white rose, while maybe glossed over in the craziness of this episode does mean that she has a certain advantage. We’re at a crucial time right now, with only eight women left everyone will be vying for a better connection with Marc. With the white rose, Marisia can steal a one-on-one date from someone else and cement her place in Marc’s heart. He is clearly v v attracted to her, and I think for the most part that means she will at least be in the final two. Marc also still seems quite on Jess R even though her relations with the other girls seem to have soured. But what does this mean for Rikki? I don’t think but I do think she needs some extra alone time with Marc because he does seem to like her.

What’s next on The Bachelor SA

According to the next time on:

  • The dinner party progresses with a fight between Bridget and Pasha
  • Marc comes to the mansion for a pool party
  • Jess R cries to Marc saying she feels like he gave her a ‘pity rose’. Um, wut??
  • And it seems like all the girls are grilling Marc and he’s not having a good time.

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