‘The Bachelor SA’ season 2, episode 7 recap: ‘Never Have I Ever’ been so uncomfortable

Drama, drama, drama.

bachelor sa recap never have i ever

WARNING: Spoilers for The Bachelor SA Season 2 Episode 7.

This week on The Bachelor SA, it was all fun and games, as the girls and Marc played party games that left things awkward, uncomfortable and just a little bit funny. It was the cringe-fest that we all expected, but we couldn’t turn away. Other than that: Bridget got her one-on-one date, there were so many tears, and, of course, make-out sessions.

Let’s get into what went down on episode 7:

Most Likely To have an awkward moment

When I say awkward, I mean awkward. This year they had the bright idea of having the girls play a paddle game of ‘Most Likely To’. The way it worked had Marc Buckner asking them a question of which of the other girls are ‘Most Likely To’ do something, and then they all answered on their paddles. The group rounds had them all answer and the individual round, they spun a wheel and the girl that it landed on had to answer the question alone.

The questions ranged from ‘Most Likely to want kids right away’ to ‘Most likely to be insecure.’ It was absolutely brutal, and a lot of the girls used it as an opportunity to gang up on Pasha. I’m sure to them it seemed as if they were finally exposing her, but it the audience it seemed like an unfair piling on. Especially when afterward Pasha said that a lot of the girls hadn’t really made an effort to get to know her, they were just judging based on what they assumed.

It was cringey to watch the game, but even worse was the aftermath. Pasha was crying by Mulesa, both because she felt unfairly judged but also because she thought it would make her look bad in Marc’s eyes. Qiniso, Mulesa and Gillian had similar opinions and seemed to side with Pasha. I mean, there was a part where Andeline said that Mulesa was the most likely to lie. Mulesa?!? I was so shook.

I can see that with the game they were trying to maximise the drama, but it just came across as meanspirited and uncomfortable. The girls didn’t an excuse to try and show up Pasha, and we all knew how they felt about her. But what the game did do, is that it exposed the nasty natures of some of the other girls.

Bridget gets serenaded on her date

While the girls were rehashing the game at the mansion, the usual ringleader Bridget finally got to have some alone time with Marc. The past few weeks Bridget has been going through a lot. She has threatened to leave, even packed her bag at one point, but it seems as if she really just needed some validation from Marc. On the date, the pair were treated to a serenade by SA musician, Daniel Baron as they had a romantic dinner.

It was nice to see Bridget finally have a moment with Marc where she wasn’t talking about the other women. And it seemed once she had more of an idea of where Marc’s head was at, she was more sure of her place in the house. The date ended with Marc unsure over whether their connection is one of friendship or romantic and Bridget with a bit of a crush. One thing that I did notice was that after her date, Bridget was a lot more amicable with the other girls, and seemed more comfortable around them.

Never Have I Ever at the cocktail party

Bridget didn’t receive a rose on her date, so this was the first rose ceremony where no one would have a rose going in, which made it more interesting. But it also meant all the women were hustling to have some time with Marc. Before Marc arrived, the group were playing ‘Never Have I Ever’ and it got pretty steamy, and when Marc arrived they roped him in to play with. It was a nice change of pace, and it was nice seeing a lot of the other girls getting along. But some girls weren’t happy (of course), Jess R muttered that it was a waste of time, and Andeline didn’t seem comfortable at how scandalous the game got.

In the alone time, which Andeline time to six minutes per woman, which Marc definitely didn’t care about, we saw some more interesting moments. Marisia and Marc were passionately making out, and they legit have so much sexual tension that you can cut it with a knife; Rikki seemed a bit pissed off that Marc didn’t remember that he was the one who kissed her first; he had an awkward first kiss with Mulesa, and Pasha got to explain herself to Marc.

The rose ceremony

It was very exciting watching the rose ceremony, and seeing all the women walk in without a rose. And TBH until the end of the episode, I didn’t know who would go home. But in the end, Marc chose to part ways with Andeline Wieland. Even though her journey is over, Andeline spilt the tea to us in our exclusive interview.

Final predictions

Nah, guys, I’m fully on the Marisia train after this episode. Marc said to her that every time he looks at her he wants to kiss her, and they were like two teenagers making out. It felt almost like we were intruding by watching. After their awkward kiss, I think Mulesa and Marc are on shaky grounds, and I honestly don’t think Marc sees anything more than friendship with Bridget. However, I do think that Marc really likes Pasha, but I think the drama might just be too much for him.

What’s next on The Bachelor SA

  • A new version of Love Is Blind, Marc and the girls do some kind of blind-folded feel-up challenge
  • Marc takes Qinsio on a date and it seems as though he is questioning whether she is really in the house for him. And there are tears.
  • He has to choose between two people. Who he is sending home?

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