‘The Bachelor SA’ season 2, episode 6 recap: How do you solve a problem like Pasha?


bachelor sa recap

WARNING: Spoilers for The Bachelor SA Season 2 Episode 6.

Now that Nolo is gone, the girls needed someone else to gossip about and it seems like Pasha was the perfect candidate and the drama was turned up to 11. From claims of gold-digging to tons and tons of tears (they should get a tissue sponsor next year), this episode was exciting.

Here’s what when down on the sixth episode of The Bachelor SA

Roping it up with Pasha

The first solo date card went to Pasha dos Santos, the sultry dancer from Cape Town. This was hilarious because it was Pasha’s second one-on-one date with Marc, and she just wasn’t feeling it. Her face, when she found out it was her, was so funny. She grimaced and then shrugged, saying she was hoping that she’d just get a chance to sleep that day.

Naturally, the other girls were upset, because a lot of them hadn’t even gotten *one* date yet. So they spent the entire time that Pasha was away bitching about her and how ungrateful she was. Everything seems to be cloaked in jealous TBH. Pasha was off-ish because Marc was paying other women attention (once again Pasha, you are on The Bachelor) and the other girls were jealous that Pasha was getting more attention than them.

Although Pasha cheered up when their date ended up being an Aerial Silks session, which was something that she was keen to try and not yet another outdoorsy date of Marc’s. On the date the two seemed to bond a lot, she told him about her family and childhood and it just seemed really real. The date also included a massage, a kiss, and a rose.

On a train to nowhere

The group date had Marc take Daniella, Bridget, Marisia, Jess C and Gillian on a steam train experience. He got a chance to have a lil alone time with a few of the girls. Daniella opened up about her past relationships, he got to have a little bit of check-in with Marisia and Jess C, Bridget spent her entire time with him bitching about Pasha and the fact that he took her on two solo dates and he gave Bridget a rose (I mean ???). This date was weird as hell, with the four remaining girls seeming to sit in a sort of waiting room part of the train until the one having the alone-time with Marc was done. I don’t know if this was the desired outlook but this is what it looks like.

bachelor train date
Credit: M-Net

‘Platteland’ date with Gillian

Marc chose Gillian to take on a one-on-one date after the train trip. They shared a meal alongside a lake, which Gillian described as ‘very platteland’. The two got to spend some time together. Gillian spoke up last week that she feels as if she is cheering everyone else on but she never gets her chance. So it was lovely to see her getting this opportunity with Marc and also getting a rose while on her date.

The cocktail party

Everyone was getting cosy with a lot of folks at this week’s cocktail party. Notably, he had his first kiss with Rikki, which was rather sweet and showed that they did have quite a bit of chemistry.

There was even more drama with Pasha when she made a comment like, ‘whiskey for the skinny girls’ which upset the girls that overheard her and everyone thought she was talking about them. It was a lot.

The rose ceremony

In the end, dearest Daniella was left without a rose. She was a fave and I was sad to see her go, but it seems as if Marc is finally starting to narrow it down to the girls that he has had deeper connections with, which means that it’s about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Final predictions

This episode, Rikki really upped her stakes, even if it was just a little stolen kiss. But Jess R is gunning for that winning spot. She seems to really like Marc and be really ready for marriage so who knows she might win the top prize.

You can watch the first episode of The Bachelor SA season 2 on DStv Catch Up

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