‘The Bachelor SA’ season 2, episode 5 recap: *Spoiler* takes herself out of the game

I mean, I didn’t see that one coming.

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WARNING: Spoilers for The Bachelor SA Season 2 Episode 5.

It is getting lit over there at The Bachelor SAwith Jess R finally getting her solo date and Silke deciding that she’s done with the Bachelor journey. I mean, who saw that coming? Certainly not me.

That’s not even getting to the fact that there was a talent show where Pasha did a lap dance and Bridget tried stand-up comedy.

Let’s get into all the juice that happened last week on The Bachelor.

Jess R and Marc have a matchy-matchy date

It seemed that since Jess R first stepped out of the limo she was already head over heels for Marc, and he seemed pretty captivated by her too. The episode started off with the Jess R getting the first date card inviting her to the Chobe Water Villas in Namibia. They spent some time on the Chobe river, where they got to know each other better and lemme just say I was right in my predictions, they do seem to really have a soft spot for each other.

The date extended into dinner (mans was giving her his room number and we are only on episode 5, calm down Marc), and he gave a custom-designed Jack Friedman bracelet and you can imagine how jelly the other girls were. Oh yes, she got a rose too and cemented her place into the next round. To add to their super romantic date, they stayed over (in separate rooms) and then went swimming in the Chobe Water Villa pools in matching swimwear that Jess made. I mean, this is my kind of my date.

The talent show

While Jess R and Marc were frolicking in the pools, the rest of the girls got a date card saying they have to do a talent show for Marc (all of them, except Jess R). This was a great episode for Jess R, she got a super romantic date and didn’t have to participate in the talent show, everyone else just got random picnics.

Guest Elana Afrika-Bredencamp and host Jason Greer were the judges alongside Marc and Jess R. The talents varied from Rikki playing the drums, Daniella did a magic show, Mulesa designed a dress out of newspaper, Marisia did a French poem (??), Andeline painted Marc and asked him a slew of questions, Gillian did a cheerleading routine, Pasha did a lap dance, Bridget told jokes, Jess C did a fitness routine, Parushka did a Marilyn Monroe-y ‘Happy Birthday’ song (which ended in a handshake lol), Silke did a weird singing thing, and Qiniso performed the Napoleon Dynamite song (which was a reference Marc did not get).

It was a wild ride and seemed very very boring to have to watch live, I was so grateful for the editing.

Andeline finally gets her date

After the talent show, Marc picked Andeline for a one-on-one date. After being slighted many times, and just wanting around in the mansion for a chance, I was so glad that she finally gets to have some time alone with Marc. It seemed like they were discussing a lot of stuff but at the end of the date, Marc didn’t give her a rose because he said he felt like he needed more time to get to know her better.

TBH it seems like Marc isn’t fully on the Andeline train, which could be because she’s starting on a backfoot as most of the other girls already had a chance to get to know him better. But we’ll wait and see how things progress.

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The cocktail party

Time for my favourite part of the evening, this week Marc decided to pull the strings in talking to the women he wanted to talk to. He pulled Mulesa aside first and the two had some cute banter before Jess C interrupted. And then there was an extremely awkward moment when Marc moved to talk to Jess C but Bridget and Jess R were also there and it was just a mess. And then Marc made reference to Bridget being out and I outwardly said, ‘Yikes.’

A fan fave, Gillian also opened up to some of the girls that she feels like she is always supporting them and no one seems to be cheering for her. My heart broke a little, and it’s true, it’s so easy to overlook people if they aren’t constantly complaining to the camera about how they’ve been slighted. I really do hope that Gillian (and Daniella) get a chance to know Marc a little better.

Some women like Pasha did not get a chance to talk to Marc at all, so it seems as if Marc might have a bit of a strategy going into the cocktail party and selecting certain women that he wants to talk to and having longer, deeper conversations with them.

The rose ceremony

Marc began the rose ceremony by first speaking to the women and apologising that he did not get a chance to speak to everyone, he told them to ‘trust in the process’ whatever that might mean.

The rose ceremony then went on as planned until Marc called Silke’s name. Throughout the episode, we saw Silke kinda grapple with the fact that her faith is very important to her and Marc isn’t really that religious. During the cocktail party, Marc did say he was open to the idea of religion but Silke felt as if he was saying that because of her and not because of something he actually felt. So when Marc called her name, Silke spoke to him and told him that she was declining the rose but she did say, ‘Who knows maybe after this you won’t find the person and you’ll come find me, I’m open to that too.’ What would I do without having Silke’s dirty looks and offhand comments to critique? Will Bridget be the only Mean Girl left or will she recruit new people to her clique?

The final rose was then down to Qiniso and Parushka, and Marc ended up giving it to Qiniso. And so, yet another woman who hardly got any screentime left the mansion. And we were left with 10 women and the competition is heating up.


Final predictions

Silke was a strong contender in the game, and with her out, we’ve left with the ten women. But which of these stand a chance of winning this thing? I will still put my money on Marisia and Jess R being the final two. Jess R is falling hard and I can see her freaking the f*** out in the finale if he doesn’t choose her, or at how wishy-washy he is bound to be. In our interview with Pi, she did note that she thinks that Marc has a taste for blondes.

What’s next on The Bachelor SA

According to the next time on, this week we can look forward to:

  • Pasha is the new target as the women start badmouthing her.
  • Jess R gave Marc a letter at the end of the rose ceremony which Daniella saw and it comes back to bite her.

Watch here:

You can watch the first episode of The Bachelor SA season 2 on DStv Catch Up

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