‘The Bachelor SA’ season 2, episode 4 recap: Nolo and Silke are on the wrong side of the drama

Tears, make-out sessions and lots of arguments

The Bachelor SA Nolo vs everyone

WARNING: Spoilers for The Bachelor SA Season 2 Episode 4.

Sometimes amongst all the drama, we forget that the entire premise of The Bachelor SA is to help Marc Buckner find love. This week we were reminded of this when he and Marisia, a speech therapist and audiologist from Klerksdorp  – went on their first date and it was romantic AF. I don’t know about you, but I could see the sparks flying through my TV screen?

That’s not to say we were completely distracted from the drama…

Here’s what went down on The Bachelor SA season 2, episode 4:

Marisia’s steamy first date

Marisia was supposed to be the recipient of the first date back in episode 2, but ye ole wild rose Pasha stole it from her, so she finally got her chance to spend some time with Marc. The couple rode side by side with a motorbike and sidecar through Maropeng to The Cradle of Humankind. At the Cradle of Humankind, they had a sunset picnic date (Marc seems to really like these).

On the date, the two got to know each other before having a steamy makeout session under the stars. In his diary session after the date, Marc said that he got a bit carried away and that they have a lot of chemistry, maybe ‘too much for a first date.’ And I could see it, even though every one of Marc’s dates has produced a new frontrunner, he seemed very keen on Marisia. TBH, I’m here for this.

Of course, Marisia got a rose on her date but the sweetness of their date and the fact that she was unproblematic queen almost distracted us from what was going on back at the house. I did like that when Marc asked her about the drama in the house she played it down, saying she’s not really involved in all that and didn’t call out anyone. When she arrived back at the mansion, she downplayed her date to the other girls, which was a smart move, which means they didn’t really see her as a threat.

The sizzling group date

This week’s group date featured Pasha, Rikki, Pi, Nolo, Jess C and Silke as they had some fun at a waterpark. I mean Marc was shirtless, the girls were in bikinis, what could go wrong? Most of the time on the date was spent with Pasha, who stole Marc away from the others, to confront him about the fact that Qiniso got a kiss before her. The jealousy, you’d think they weren’t all dating the same man.

Silke, won the individual date though, which after many complaints from her side (more on this later) was a relief to us allOn their date, she got a chance to move out of the ‘friend zone’ and more into Marc’s eye line as s serious romantic option. She did receive a rose, and we’ll see if their connection will grow in the coming weeks.

The cocktail party

This week’s cocktail party had two classic villains – Nolo and Silke – let’s get into this week.


This was a tumultuous episode for Nolo. Once again, the women began the episode with a confrontation between the girls and the Nolo after what went down at last week’s cocktail party. Nolo attempted to tell her side of the story and make peace with Bridget again. However, the other girls were still upset about her antics at last week’s cocktail party. And even though she apologised yet again, it wasn’t taken sincerely by the girls and it seems as if they are just looking for reasons not to like her.

This was elevated at the cocktail party when the girls decided that Andeline would be the first girl to chat to Marc, as she hasn’t had much of a chance with him yet, but then Nolo stole him away. The girls were extremely upset and ignored her for the rest of the night. She attempted to apologist to Andeline, but Andeline didn’t accept it, causing chaos. It was interesting, it seemed as if Nolo knew that she was going home, and wanted to make one big move before leaving. But then again, the anger towards her seems crazy as other women in the house seemed to be making similar moves…


And then there was Silke. At the beginning of the episode when Marisia’s date card was received, she was crying in the bathroom with Rikki, saying that it’s unfair because she likes motorbikes. Okay, dear. It was evident that she was frustrated because after she received the First Impression Rose, she assumed she would maximise Marc’s attention but she didn’t, and she was jealous that other women were getting attention. Once again, this is my weekly reminder that you are on The Bachelor and this is what it’s all about.

At the cocktail party, things came to a head, when she cut in front of Qiniso who was next in line to talk to Marc. I think it wasn’t so much the act as the nasty sentiment behind it that left a bad taste in many social media users’ mouths. She said to her friends, ‘If it was anyone else I wouldn’t have done it’ meaning it was intentional. She also previously brought up Qiniso by saying she couldn’t believe that Marc would take out ‘someone like her’ on her date before her. It was petty, but it was also extremely triggering.

Her attempt to corner Marc was mainly so that she can kiss him, saying that she wants to see if they have physical chemistry. That’s okay but it also really seems like she wants to have kissed Marc so that she can feel more secure about her place in the house, and it rubbed her (like Pasha) the wrong way that Qiniso had kissed him before them. A mess.

Qiniso was so unhappy by what Silke had done and how she had spoken to her that she tearfully told Marc. Was this a good move? Will Marc even believe her? We’ll have to wait and see.

The rose ceremony

This week, three women said their goodbyes. Two roses had already been handed out to Marisia and Silke on their dates so that just left eleven roses for the remaining women in the house. However, the end of the episode had us saying goodbye to Pi, Nolo and Stefanie. Look out for our interviews with all three women later this week, where they reveal more about their time in the house and their thoughts about Marc.

Final predictions

After this episode, Marisia is definitely my frontrunner. The two seem to have a strong connection and lots of chemistry and I think it works in her favour that she is quiet, shy and keeps out of the drama. I think Jess R and Mulesa are also strong candidates. I think Silke has fallen from grace because Marc keeping Qiniso in the competition and how awkward he looked when she cornered him at the cocktail party seems to indicate that he is starting to be wary of her. I can’t wait to see what goes down next week.

What’s next on The Bachelor SA

According to the next week’s preview:

  • There will be a date at the Chobe Water Villas
  • Pasha does some dirty dancing for Marc, which the other girls don’t seem so keen on (lol)
  • Marc makes an announcement at the rose ceremony which seems to throw a spanner in the works and some of the girls are crying (?)

You can watch the first episode of The Bachelor SA season 2 on DStv Catch Up

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