‘The Bachelor SA’ season 2, episode 1 recap: Fried chicken, limes and some spice as Marc Buckner meets all 22 women

WARNING: Spoilers for The Bachelor Season 2 Episode 1 below

The Bachelor SA Marc Buckner Season 2 episode 1 recap

Okay, so it is nearly impossible to recap everything that happened in the first episode of season 2 of The Bachelor SA. But I’m going to try to my best, and you’all will have to bear with me.

So before we get started, here’s the trailer again, so you can familiarise yourself with our main players:

Meet Marc

We’ve previously gone into more detail about Marc here and here, but in the first episode, he revealed that he has been a model and actor for about 22 years, and he started buying properties when he was a teenager. Listen, when I was a teenager I could barely afford a Cavendish movie ticket, but go off. He also does forex trading because he can do it from anywhere.

We also got to see some cool shots of him running (‘hey, I’m sporty’),  playing with his dog, Luna (‘hey, I’m an animal lover’) and cooking with his mom (‘I can cook!’ and ‘I love my mom’).

Meet the girls

Some of the girls got special intros as you know on Idols when ProVerb gives special attention to some contestants and you see an insert where their grandmother appears and you know that they will make it through to Sun City round? Like that. These lucky girls included Pasha who is very keen to let us know that she is a dancer; Rikki, who is NOT A GIRLY GIRL – she showed this to us by playing the drums and driving race cars; Qiniso, who just so happens to be the sister of Phumzile van Damme, the two shared tea on camera.

After this, the other girls came through on the red carpet. There are 22 women, so I’m not going to list all their intros. But lemme just say one girl RAN from the woods to prove that she’s a runner, one dropped limes so that they can ‘pick up lines’, one gave him custom-made swimwear, and one wrote him a song (lmao I’m still laughing about this).

You can watch some of thee iconic ones here:

Thee most iconic line

The most exciting part of the night was not the red carpet (cringe-fest as usual) but the scenes between the girls at the cocktail party. From Nolo looking like she’s ready to punch Tamryn to Adeline calling Amor ‘a proper Joburg poppie’ and Bridget and Pasha already forming a budget version of The Plastics – it was a lot! And it got even worse once Marc came in and all the girls were vying for the opportunity to spend a lil bit of time with him. I couldn’t deal with all the girls getting annoyed that they had to make a plan to talk to him, like have you watched The Bachelor before? The first cocktail party is all about pulling the bachelor away, there ain’t no time to be salty.

But through all this, my favourite line was said by Pi:

‘I stand in line for chicken wings, not men.’

Girl, you are speaking my language. But also, you’re on The Bachelor so you better be standing in some lines.

Silke gets the first impression rose

The first impression rose always feels like a big deal on the first night, but after a while when the bachelor realises how much options he truly has, everyone forgets about the O.G. Anyway, this year’s first impression rose was given to Silke. And she didn’t receive it because she had thee most perfect ombre blond, shiny waves (TBH I would’ve given it to her for that) but because she gave Marc such a beautiful, thoughtful gift. She drew him a picture of his dog, Luna and framed it. She also didn’t give it to him on the red carpet but at the cocktail party, thus making herself memorable. I love a game player!

But what made this wild, was that Pasha (previously mentioned dancer and also Bridget’s henchman) was actively upset. After Marc gave Silke the rose, Pasha was like ‘I want to go sleep now.’ Like girl, you had two minutes with the man, maybe chill? Imagine how she will react once she has actually kissed him and he goes on a date with someone else. But I’m not going to complain, because I love mess.

Two get sent home at the Rose Ceremony

First things first, Marc rewarded Pasha’s insolence with a white rose. I have no idea what the white rose means, but I don’t like that Marc is rewarding tantrums, he needs to work on that. Then slowly but surely, he started calling out the names of the each of the girls that received a rose, TBH by then I had forgotten most of the girls’ names other than Silke and Qiniso but in the end, it came down to Greta (who gave the very healthy Marc a gift of fried chicken), Amor (who came in a car that had ‘Future Mrs Buckner’ written on it) and Michaela (who had the ‘pick up limes’ bit). Marc picked Greta and Michaela and Amor had pack their bags and leave (although were their bags even unpacked?)

You can watch that final moment here:

WTF is up with the white rose?

Okay, now back to the white rose. We have to wait until next week to find out what that is all about. But in an interview with Channel24, M-Net’s Head of Publicity Lani Lombard said, ‘The white rose is an exciting new element to the second season of the show and, as we expected, it created loads of suspense and drama and commotion among the ladies. Don’t be surprised if it turns out to have even more significance than the first impression rose. Why did Marc decide to give it to Pasha, and not to any of the other women? And for how long will she be able to keep it? You will have to watch the next episode!’

About whether it will put a target on her back, Pasha said, ‘I was kind of happy and surprised at the same time, as it was the first rose to be handed out at the ceremony. The white rose is also different from all the other red roses, which I liked in a way too, but it also made me a little nervous as I didn’t know what it meant.’

Final predictions

Obviously, it will be crazy for me to predict who is going to win based on the first episode. I mean, Marc hasn’t even breathed in the direction of some of the girls. But I’ve never backed down from a challenge, so here goes. Based on the first impression rose, Marc obviously is feeling Silke, but I did see his eyes twinkling a little bit for Jess R and Mulesa. I’m also putting my bets on Qiniso because she is memorable and seems like a fighter. But we’ll wait and see who will turn his head next week…

What’s next

According to next week’s promo, it looks like:

  • Regina George herself, Bridget is going on a 1-on-1 date with Marc.
  • The group date will have them doing some carpentry.
  • Marc calls someone with dark hair ‘one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met.’
  • And some women are going into ‘the friend zone.’

Watch it here:

You can watch the first episode of The Bachelor SA season 2 on DStv Catch Up

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