Eliminated ‘The Bachelor SA’ contestant Greta Sher spills on the drama in the house

‘I think maybe my personality was just not for Bridget. I don’t think she could handle the truth.’

The Bachelor SA Greta Sher

I don’t know about you but I have been obsessed with season 2 of The Bachelor SALast week, amidst all the drama, we had to say goodbye to two strong personalities in the house – Greta Sher and Tamryn Muller.

We chatted to the queen of the purple house, Greta Sher about her time in the mansion and antics that took place.

Greta, who lives in Johannesburg, was immediately one of the stand-out personalities in the house. With her bright hair colour, stunning nails and boisterous presence, she was on the receiving end of one of the first clashes in their mansion.

The coining of her bedroom, the Purple Room, and creating a clique around it, caused some tension which was electrified when Bridget moved out of the Purple Room and into the Pink Room.

Although we didn’t see any of this drama boil over, we did see the repercussions on Thursday night during a house meeting. According to Bridget, who branded the Purple Room as ‘bullies’, they had all ganged up on her and took Greta’s side. We asked Greta what exactly the conflict was all about and she said that she simply didn’t think that Bridget liked her as a person.

‘I think I’m just a loud person and a super honest person. I think it’s just my personality, just who I was. And I don’t think Bridget took a liking to me. I think maybe my personality was just not for Bridget. I don’t think she could handle the truth.’

However, she loved the way that she was portrayed on the show, ‘I loved it, I stayed true to myself, as I said in one of my diary sessions, “I can’t be everyone’s cup of tea or glass of champagne.”‘

Despite all the drama that took place, Greta still has a soft spot for the girls that were in the mansion with. She said that she would still like to be friends with most of them.

‘It so nervewracking because you think you’re going to go into a house with a lot of bitchiness and cattiness, and I mean there was, but the thing you must remember is that you are like sisters. You are going to have your tiffs, you are going to have your fights but it doesn’t define you as a person. Yes, it might have seemed like a few arguments here and there but these women are strong, beautiful and encouraging. I personally had the most amazing experience, it humbled me a lot because it’s very natural for everyone to judge and I really loved the fact that this was a reminder for me not to do something like that.’

Greta, who is a nail technician and runs her own salon spoke about the collaborative way that girls worked together to help each other get ready. She did some of the girls’ nails, and their hair and makeup. ‘It’s so much fun. It’s such a loving environment, you are literally encouraging the next girl to date your boyfriend.’

Even though she made lifelong connections in the mansion, that did not extend to the bachelor himself, Marc Buckner. She said that she felt as if she was just starting to get to know him when her journey was cut short, but at least there were not any feelings involved yet.

When we asked her who should pick as the perfect match for Marc, she said, ‘I probably have to go for my girl Pi, Qiniso and Rikki,’ which is an interesting mix that we love!

You can watch The Bachelor SA season 2 on DStv Catch Up

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