Eliminated ‘The Bachelor SA’ contestant Daniella Thibault on how she wishes she thought of writing Marc a letter

‘I really hope for Jessica R’s sake that she wins.’

Daniella Thibault

Last week on The Bachelor SAthings started heating up as the girls started turning on Pasha, Marc Buckner handed out roses like it was candy, and there was a very odd train trip. But along with all of that, we had to say goodbye to a fan favourite, Daniella Thibault.

Daniella, who hails from Melkbosstrand, is a self-made businessperson who runs her own marketing and e-commerce venture. During her time on the show, she didn’t get to spend much time with Marc, but she was a constant force in the house with the ladies.

We caught up with her after her final episode aired to find out what she had to say about Marc, the girls, and all the drama.

Here’s what she had to say:

∼ She felt there were other girls who had better connections with Marc ∼ 

Daniella said she was glad that she left at the point when she did because there hadn’t been a lot of emotion between her and Marc so it was easier for her to walk away. However, she also said that she did believe that if she had had more time with Marc (for example if she had been taken out on a one-on-one date) she would’ve had a better chance to connect on a deeper level. But at the point where she left the show, he had already made stronger connections with other girls, and ‘I was one of those girls that hadn’t had that connection yet.’

∼ She wishes that she had a proper strategy going into the game ∼ 

She said she never had any strategy going into the game, and she felt that when she met Marc the conversation and questions would just come naturally, but she didn’t take into account that there will be 21 other women vying for Marc’s attention. Daniella said that because she had such a little time with him, their conversations tended to only be surface-level. ‘So if I had to do it all again I would definitely plan questions for the time that I did speak to him so that we could dive in deeper with how we are feeling with our emotions,’ Daniella said.

∼ She doesn’t regret opening up to Marc ∼ 

While on her group date on the train trip, she opened up to Marc about her past relationships. She spoke about how she had been hurt before, how she had been made to worthless and what a strain that had put on her self esteem. It was an extremely emotional scene. But even though she went home soon after that, she does regret talking to Marc about that.

‘I think it was very important for him to understand that I was hurt before, I was in a dark place and this is where I am in the moment. I’m not going to get into situations that are going to be negative for me. Which is why I asked him the question if you do not see anything with me, please send me home,’ she said.

∼ She wishes she thought to write Marc a letter like Jess R  ∼ 

Jess R wrote Marc a letter which she gave to him at the rose ceremony when Silke and Parushka went home. No one noticed it but Daniella, and she brought it to the other girls’ attention, which resulted in some mini-drama. According to Daniella, they saw Jess writing something the entire day but when asked about it, she said she was writing in her diary, which makes sense because they were stuck in the house with no technology, so they needed a way to get their feelings out.

But she said, when she saw Jess R giving the letter to Marc she felt a bit jealous. She felt as if she had thought of another way to opening up to him and to get her feelings across when none of the rest of them had that extra time. Daniella said that looking back it seemed more of,  ‘Oh I wish I thought of that, now she gets to have more moments with him and I don’t.’

∼ She thinks that Pasha was just expressing that she was hurt  ∼ 

When asked about the Pasha drama, Daniella says that she thinks that Pasha was not coming from a bad place but she falls very hard really quickly. She said she thinks that sometimes the drama that Pasha is involved in is a result of her expressing that she is hurt.

‘ I mean, if you put this into a normal relationship, you’re going to get jealous if your boyfriend or this guy that you are wanting to be with is giving other women attention. So I don’t think her way was right but I can understand why she created so much drama with her words and actions.’

∼ Her highlights were the pretty dresses and the Toyota car ride  ∼ 

Daniella said she loved ‘dressing up as a princess, feeling beautiful and being able to wear the most amazing dresses and just being able to share the moment with these women that you’ve created such an amazing connection with.’

She also loved her group date when they raced in a Toyota car. ‘I probably almost killed Marc and I. But it definitely was such an amazing experience,’

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I have never felt so nervous in my life than the moment I walked out the Limo and stared straight into Marc's eyes. All I was thinking is 1)Why is this red carpet so long and 2) please don't trip please don't trip please don't trip 🙈 the moment I got to speak to Marc and give him my homemade gluten free cookies was a surreal moment. I didn't know I would feel so nervous yet so calm all at the same time! I am thankful (as seen on TV lol) that I received a rose last night but I truly truly truly felt I was going home last night for the fact that every single woman that I met lastnight was incredible!!! If I can be open and transparent, being in a mansion full of beautiful, intelligent and independent woman it's hard not to compare yourself to them and feel insecure of the woman you are. What Lastnight taught me is that I am beautiful, I am intelligent and I am a woman who deserves to be on this journey just like everyone else. Receiving my rose was the start of me learning to stop comparing myself (havnt succeeded yet but it's a start) to how great the rest of the woman are and admire that we are all incredible in our own way and Marc is one super lucky bachelor. #TheBachelorSA @mnettv @lottostar_official @jackfriedman1933 #woman #unitedwomansquad #thebachelor #thebachelorsa #bachelornation

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∼ Her top choices for the winner are Marisia and Rikki  ∼ 

My top two favourites are definitely Rikki and Marisia, only because they are both are so beautiful and I feel as if their personalities link very well with Marc, they both love the outdoors, he loves the outdoors. When you speak to them their hearts are so pure.

Saying that, I really hope for Jessica R’s sake that she wins because, from the get-go, she was invested. So it will really break my heart if she doesn’t get the final rose because she’s invested. I will want Marisia and Rikki, but for Jessica R’s heart, I hope she ends up with Marc.

∼ After this, she’s just working on being her best possible self  ∼ 

Her plans after The Bachelor journey is just to continue working on improving who she already is – financially, spiritually, emotionally and physically and becoming the best possible version of herself.

Just keeping on working on myself, levelling up who I already am, whether it is financially, spiritually, emotionally, physically, just get myself to another level. I think the most important thing is making sure that you are the best version of yourself that you can be. So I’m just going to keep on working on myself.

Ultimately the whole show was amazing just my growth as a woman and the confidence the show gave me. The experience, on the whole, was something I will never forget.

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