Eliminated ‘The Bachelor SA’ contestant Andeline Wieland talks about how she regrets not getting to know Pasha

‘I’m fine with being called a prude.’

andeline wieland

Last week on The Bachelor SAit was all fun and games, until it wasn’t anymore, and a lot of tears were shed, and many more nasty comments made. But at the end of all the drama, we had to say goodbye to painter extraordinaire, Andeline Wieland.

Andeline is originally from Namibia and now lives in Stellenbosch. She has competed in many pageants and won Miss Teen Namibia 2012 and she was the first princess in Miss Namibia 2016 and won Miss Continents 2017. She holds qualifications in Drama and Journalism and is currently studying for her third degree at the University of Stellenbosch. She also designs costume jewellery and clothes.

We caught up with her after her final episode aired to find out what she had to say about Marc, the girls, and all the drama.

Here’s what she had to say:

∼ She thought that Marc wasn’t physically attracted to her ∼ 

When asked whether she thought she might have had a better connection with Marc if she had time with him, she said maybe he would have seen her as more than just a girl in pretty dresses, because he only ever saw her in formal settings.

‘But what I think is also important is that physical attraction and I guess just from his side it probably wasn’t there so that’s fine. But if I was given a bit more time, things might have been a bit different.’

∼ She thinks Marc needs to follow his heart ∼ 

Andeline says she thinks that Marc is definitely on the show to find love and he needs to follow his own heart instead of trying to making everybody happy he should focus on himself first. She said that he has been very good with communicating with all the women, especially if there is something bothering them, he addressed it. But she does think that he knows what he is looking for and ‘all nine girls that are left are really great in their own way.’

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Six roses down! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 It's getting to a point in th process now where I need to see some sort of genuine interest from Marc's side for my heart to fall. It's important for people to remember that everyone wants to be validated in their lives but especially by their life partners. My love language is words of affirmation, gifts and quality time and I've found the older I get the rarer it is to find people in our lives that go that extra mile to make us happy. You deserve happiness. Tune in this week on #thebachelorsa Thursday at 19h00 on MNET 101 to see what surprises Marc has up his sleeve for me x ✨ #thebachelorsa #bachelornation #willyouacceptthisrose #redhead #redhair #kiss #bachelor #namibian #realitytv #entrepreneur

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∼ However, she wishes he was a bit more straightforward

‘I think the only part that which I found quite cheeky is just the fact that Marc seems to be validating every girl’s questions. Like everybody asks, ‘do you find me attractive?’ and he’ll be like ‘yes’. And ‘are you into me’ and he’s like ‘yes’ and I’m just like ‘you can’t say that to everyone’ and this is why all the girls are like ‘him and I are forever’. It’s fine but I just feel like ‘that can’t be, can it?’ So I just feel like he’s a people’s pleaser and he’s trying to make sure that nobody gets hurt, which I respect, but in my opinion that caused a bit more pain than just being straight up would’ve been,  but that I suppose that was his strategy.’

∼ She thought Pasha was ‘volatile’ ∼ 

It became increasingly obvious in the last two episodes that Andeline was not a fan of Pasha. When asked about their rocky relationship she said that she found Pasha ‘volatile’ and ‘snappy’. She referred to one incident when she packed away a pizza and Pasha swore at her, as one specific time. She said that she distanced herself from Pasha and didn’t even try to approach her because she felt as if Pasha wouldn’t even listen to what she had to say. This made her even more annoyed at Pasha. ‘But I think a lot of the girls towards the end just felt like she’d been a bit volatile and unnecessary and I think that’s why everyone felt so negative towards her by the time we played this game,’ Andeline said.

 ∼ However, she wishes she had known Pasha’s back story

She said that after listening to Pasha’s story in the last episode, she realised how much they had in common, and how little she knew about her. In the previous episode, Pasha opened up to Marc about she had been cheated on in the past and how much that was affecting how she reacted to him and the other women in the house.

‘But I do think it’s something that I could relate to and be like listen ‘I understand now why you come across so jealous every time everybody else has a date or something like that.’ It’s not unfounded. But we didn’t know that at the time and I think that we all have our stories and our issues. But I think knowing someone’s story is always better at the end of the day just before you make your judgements and stuff like that.’

∼ It was a very emotional experience

She described the experience as ‘overwhelming’ especially when you take into consideration that you don’t have your usual support structures there. ‘I can’t call my mom and be like “Hey, today this happened, do you think I’m overreacting?” You don’t have that usual system that you know doesn’t judge you and doesn’t have ulterior motives so it’s very difficult in the house when you try to find another person in the house that is also dating the same guy like you that hopefully, you can confide in, that will protect your secrets and protect your feelings,’ she said.

Andeline said because she is such an emotional person, she did cry a lot, but because she didn’t have her usual venting mechanisms with her, she found it difficult. She said she knew what she was signing up for that there is no way she could have prepared for this journey.

‘It was a big learning experience about how I feel about certain things, what is important to me and what isn’t. It’s the most challenging thing I’ve ever done in my life so far.’

∼ She thought the clashes were due to the fact that all the women were so different

When asked about the amount of drama in the house this year, Andeline seems to think it’s because all the women are so different. She said that she didn’t think it was a personal thing but they saw him showing interest in girls who they saw as so much different from themselves which made them feel as if they were not what he was interested in.

‘It was like if he’s into that, he must go for that but then he must stop wasting my time because I’m not that. And I think a lot of girls just felt ‘make up your mind because it seems like you’re into everyone.” So I think a lot of girls later felt like ‘what does she have that I have’ or ‘what doesn’t she have what I have’ and I think that’s a lot of the tension and the competition came from.’

∼ She wishes she could take back some of the things she said to people

She said if she could do it all again, she would change what she said to some people. She said that it was never her intention to rub people up the wrong way. For example, in last week’s episode during the Most Likely To game, she said that Mulesa would be Most Likely to Lie, which upset Mulesa, and she was crying. Andeline said she apologised to Mulesa after the game.

‘I felt like we were bunk-mates, we got along so well and I said, “I felt like through all the people on the lineup you would be the only one that could handle being called a liar.” But seeing how upset she was now…it really wasn’t my intention,’ she said.

The same with Pasha, she said watching back and seeing how upset Pasha was, she probably would have spoken to her and said to her directly that she didn’t like how Pasha had spoken to her and she would appreciate it if Pasha would listen to her and have a conversation. But she does think that they all can bury the hatchet after all this over.

‘I’m not someone that likes to harbour negative energy or ill-intent towards anybody so I would like to, if I can, fix all of those people that I unintentionally hurt.’

∼ She’s okay with people calling her prudish or conservative

According to Andeline, her past troubles in relationships are what caused her to be a bit wary of jumping into things, which might be construed as ‘prudish’ or ‘conservative’ but she’s okay with that. She said, ‘Some of us really got hurt before and that’s why we do what we do today. It’s how we’ve learnt to cope with pain and to try and avoid it in future situations.

∼ She loved helping the other girls get ready for the Cocktail Party

Many girls have spoken about the fact that getting ready for the Cocktail Party is a group effort, and Andeline said some of her highlights was getting all dressed up and helping the other girls. She said she often got pulled in to help the girls with their hair and makeup, and to style their outfits. She also brought with some of the jewellery that she makes, and the girls would wear her earrings. She was in her element.

She also enjoyed her date with Marc and being able to ‘be cheeky on stage with my painting was also really fun.’ During the talent show she drew Marc as she asked him questions, and in the end, won the competition and got to show off her artistic skills.

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So I'll be honest! When they said "Talent show" I was ecstatic! My first ever talent show performance was in Grade 5 at @ops_highschool where I performed "bring me to life" by evanescence (yes I've changed a lot since then). In Grade 8 I was booed off stage after performing a very nervous rendition of "when there was me and you" from High school Musical. But the arts have always been my passion. I have 14 years of dance experience, 9 years of pageantry and modeling, I'm a classically trained singer and I received my BA Drama degree from Stellenbosch University in 2016 majoring in Cabaret. I knew I had this one in the bag but I needed to do something completely different! I had 90 seconds to paint @marcbuckner but took 4 minutes instead. I also asked questions (who said women can't multitask) and finished off the entire performance by saying: "Just like at cocktail parties, this is what I can do in a few minutes. However if you gave me the chance, this is what I can do in a few hours" I revealed a smaller portrait I had practiced on in the home. And boy was I glad I did that! Swipe to the last image to see it and let me know what you think? Should we auction it off for charity? 😉😂 Also: I decided to show him my naturally curly hair (thank you @le_hair_lounge) #thebachelorsa #behindthescenes #redhead #curlyhair #artist #performance #painter #bachelornation #firstdate #willyouacceptthisrose #mnettv #jackfriedman @jackfriedman1933 #speedpainting #speeddating #talentshow #winner

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∼ She thinks that Marc and Pasha are a good match

Shocking me, and I’m sure everyone else, she said that does think that Marc and Pasha have a good connection:

‘It’s not someone that I would personally pick but I do feel they understand each other and I do think he has a way of calming her down which obviously I had the opposite effect on her but I do think we mustn’t underestimate that. And I do think she’s volatile but he does know how to deal with it, so I think she’s a strong contender.’

However, she does also think that Jess R and Rikki are strong contenders:

‘Jess R is a strong contender just because her heart is so into this, she was so committed to it all. I do think out of all the girls she’s the most likely to be super loyal and just like fully dedicated to him and if that’s what he’s looking for then she’s definitely his winner. And then, I do like Rikki, like I feel she’s still very quiet and in the background but she’s very solid and she tries to stay away from drama and I think she’s also the most age-appropriate for him. ‘

∼ Next up, she’s expanding her empire

‘I’m trying to finish my degree and I just launched my website for my jewellery brand, Untold Jewellery, being able to show people what I make in my free time is really fun. My charity organisation where we rent out evening gowns is also doing well and I will hopefully do a lot more TV and presenter work, I have a background in drama and journalism, its always something I wanted to do but I always say things come at their own time, building a name for yourself is very important. We’ll see what life brings, but I’m a hustler so hopefully, in the future, you guys will be seeing a bit more of me.’

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