Ayanda Thabethe posted the most adorable tribute to her mom

So sweet!

ayanda thabethe mom

This lockdown has a lot of us reflecting on who and what is important to us. For TV personality, Ayanda Thabethe it is her mom and she honoured her and others like her with a sweet tribute.

During this period, where everyone is doing their part by staying at home, but some essential workers don’t have that option. They still have to go to work and try to help to stop the spread of the coronavirus in South Africa. These essential workers include retail workers, police and medical staff.

Ayanda posted a message thanking all service workers, and in particular, her mom who is a nurse. She said:

Today my thoughts and prayers go to all the service workers (nurses, doctors, policemen and women, cashiers etc) that have to risk their own lives to help save ours. I pray God’s hand of protection over all of you. May His Wings cover you such that no ill will locate you. Thank you for all that you do for all of us. when they talk about the call of duty this is what they speak of. We appreciate you. •
In this pic: my mom who’s a nurse. Love and strength to you mama

Check out the pic here:

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