Twitter Is Losing It Over Harry Styles Dancing His Heart Out at the Ariana Grande Concert Last Night

These moves tho!!

I don’t know your life, so I have no idea what you did last night, but I can almost guarantee that Harry Styles had a better night than you did. Not only did he confuse/delight fans by hanging out with Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown at the Ariana Grande concert in London, but he also danced the night away, and it looked like he was having the BEST time jamming to Ari’s performance.

Obviously, Twitter is completely losing it because a) Harry and Millie were seen chatting in the VIP section, and b) Harry brought some serious dance moves to the concert and was getting down to the music like any true Ariana fan.

Luckily for everyone who wasn’t at Ari’s concert in England last night, there are many videos of Harry dancing circulating on Twitter, and we are further #blessed that Harry decided to wear an all white ensemble, making it super easy to see all of his moves:


If you haven’t already fainted from happiness (those vids of Harry are PURE JOY), please prepare yourself for the Tweet storm that is people reacting to Harry and Millie chatting at the concert—it looks like the two of them were really getting along. Perhaps they were bonding over their mutual love for Ari, and in that case, I want in on this friendship!

And please do yourself a favor and save these clips of Harry dancing to cheer up next time you’re sad, cause that’s fully what I plan to do.

This post originally appeared on Cosmo US.

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