So apparently AKA did not fall again… he jumped onto a mattress

Sure, Jan!

AKA fall

There has been a lot going on with AKA recently. From his change in relationship status to his fall when he attempted to crowd surf, Supa Mega has been dominating the headlines – as usual.

A video started making the rounds on Twiter of what appeared to be AKA falling on the floor again following a failed crowd surfing. The video seemed to be from the DStv Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards, where he performed.

Twitter user @sjava_JM shared the video with the caption, ‘BREAKING NEWS: Another failed crowd surfing of AKA, and this one looks like he jumped in hard… When will mega learn’

However, those that attended the award show reassured fans that he didn’t fall it was in fact a costume change that had him jumping onto a mattress. Twitter user @raphaelbenza set the record straight. ‘Practice makes perfect… We live to keep you entertained!.. Relax and enjoy the Show!!..An entertaining true artist like  @akaworldwide  appears only once a generation…’

I mean, okay, that’s pretty cool, even I have to admit… And some other users admitted too:

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