Oh Boy, A$AP Rocky Was Just Found Guilty of Assault for the Street Fight in Sweden

But he won’t have to go to jail.

  • A$AP Rocky was found guilty of assault for the street fight in Sweden.
  • A$AP was detained for more than a month before the Swedish Prosecution Authority let him come back to America.
  • He will not have to serve any more jail time.

A week after being released from Sweden while the Swedish Prosecution Authority reached a verdict on his assault case, rapper A$AP Rocky was found guilty for his involvement in a street fight in June that left a 19-year-old man in need of medical treatment. A$AP had claimed self-defense, but the court stated he and his friends “were not in a situation where they were entitled to use violence in self-defense. Nor could they have perceived themselves to be in such a situation.”

The video of the incident attracted so much attention that celebrities were boycotting Sweden, budding legal powerhouse Kim Kardashian got involved, and Donald Trump sent a hostage crisis envoy to sit in on the trial. It was a big mess—especially when new videos and accounts seemed to surface every few days—but it looks like consequences of A$AP’s guilty verdict won’t be as bad as people initially expected.

According to The New York Times, Swedish prosecutors had asked that A$AP would be given six months in jail if he were found guilty, but A$AP, who has already spent more than a month detained in a Swedish facility, won’t have to go back to jail. The court also stated:

“The victim is awarded damages for violation of his integrity and pain and suffering, but less than he requested. The defendants shall, each based on their financial ability, repay the state for its expenses for public legal counsels.”


Over the weekend, during his first performance since being released, A$AP thanked everyone for their support. He said, “That was a scary, humbling experience but I’m here right now. God is good. People who didn’t even f*ck with me felt sympathetic about my situation and were praying for me. That uplifted me when my spirits were low.”

And while all this went down in Sweden, he clarified that he has nothing against Swedish people and that this was just an “unfortunate event.”

A$AP hasn’t released a statement on his verdict just yet, but it’s probably safe to say he’s happy he doesn’t have to go back to jail.

This post first appeared on Cosmopolitan.com

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