5 reasons why Amber Rose is our #WCE!

Amber Rose aka MUVA is the personification of all thing #BadBitch. She is known and loved for many things so for your reading pleasure; we have put together a list to remind you why you love her. Not only has she cultivated a successful career spanning multiple industries, she is also one of our favourite feminists.This is just one of the many reasons why Amber Rose is our #WCE.

Fun Fearless Feminist.

Amber Rose is not afraid to speak up for her beliefs. Whether it is about slut shaming, double standards in sex work or anything Kardashian-West related, Muva is not afraid to set the record straight. While some preach feminism, we have seen Amber put real effort into feminist praxis. We just love how fearless Amber is about standing up for her truth.

She is a bad ass Boss Lady

Amber has her hands in multiple businesses, like a true #GirlBoss. Once known for being Kanye West’s shorthaired girlfriend, Muva has crafted a career spanning numerous industries, including philanthropy. She is a successful author, has her own show on VH1 called The Amber Rose show, a podcast called Loveline with Amber Rose, eyewear, an apparel line and so much more. Talk about multiple incomes! Muva is truly always at werk.



Mama Rose

Being a parent is hard enough without being a world famous celebrity and it looks like Amber is dead set on raising her son as a feminist. She may not be the most conventional mother but Mama Rose does an excellent job. Amber is an unapologetic woman who unconditionally loves her family. You can tell by how affectionately speaks about and posts pictures of her beautiful son Sebastian ‘Bash’ Taylor on Instagram and Twitter.


Bring ur Pumpkin to work Day! ??? Watch the #AmberRoseShow tmrw night (Friday) at 11pm on @vh1 ?

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Queen Muva

Amber’s love is not just confined to her family though. Ambers adoring fans gave her the nickname ‘Muva’ which has become her alias. Major fans or Rosebuds as she affectionately calls them also get treated like family. Amber is not afraid to dish out advice, take selfies or even host give-aways on her social media channels.



Lit af on Team Muva karaoke night Snapchat ? ReallyAmberRose

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She’s Humble AF

Whether it is an interview or a fan selfie, Amber is always so nice! She not only speaks out on behalf of people who have publicly bashed her, she is always so honest, sweet and accommodating. She has gone through quite a bit in the public eye but she stays fun and easy-going. What is not to love?



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