5 Minutes with Gina Jeanz

Get to know this talented creative a little better

Gina Mwoombola aka Gina Jeanz is a creative powerhouse who’s fast establishing herself as a producer in South Africa.

We chatted to the 26-year-old ahead of her performance at the Red Bull Music Festival this weekend. Keep reading to get to know this talented woman a little better.

New Vibrations | Two😮18

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What excites you about the music industry in SA?

Different artists finally being embraced for their own uniqueness and authentic sound. It’s exciting to see how we have so many individuals are using their music as a platform to inspire others.

What does being a female producer in SA mean to you?

Being a female producer in SA comes with its challenges and I say this only because people tend to think we only produce emotional music or we may not know as much as our male counterparts and that’s absolutely not true. I am so proud to be a woman, especially in such a male dominated industry – showing the world that we are just as good at this and contributing to the sound of tomorrow. 

How would you best describe your sound?

My music lives within the future beats sound, which is a blend of synthy sounds, bass, mixed with other electronic sounds. I grew up on R&B but over the years I’ve learned to experiment with different genres, and it’s because of this that I’m able to create the kind of music I do.

What is the inspiration behind the music you produce?

I did fine art in school and I’ve always been fascinated by how art, music, film and photography all complement each other. Art has always been the driving factor behind my music, sometimes I’d go into art galleries to draw inspiration for a particular song. I literally just sit there and imagine what the painting would sound like if it were music. 

Which artists inspire you? Why?

I have an endless list but people like Frank Ocean, Sade, James Blake and Solange are just a few who inspire me. I love artists who explore music without limits.

I follow a number of SoundCloud artists who make the most amazing music but are not necessarily well known.

What are you most looking forward to music-wise in 2018?

I’m looking forward to the Red Bull Music Festival which I am performing at at FOX junction on April 7 alongside 340million, Skepta, Shekinah and Langa Mavuso.

I’m also looking forward to new EP and Album releases, more collaborations in the SA music scene and even dropping some new jams from my side later in the year.

You have a beautiful Instagram feed! What is the key to an inspiring IG account?

Being true to yourself. We are all inspired by other Instagram accounts but I treat my IG like my visual diary by sharing things that I love, photos I’ve taken without the pressure of gaining followers or being popular.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with different brands and I still collaborate with them because I really enjoy creating content.

Sundowner and the last 24hrs of 2017 ☀️ ph. by @mousasw 😎

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What’s the one item of clothing you’re obsessed with right now?

Sock ankle boots are my current obsession – they just give that extra sass to my outfits and I think they’re so sexy. 

What’s one thing nobody knows about you?

I love gaming, whether on pc or console. It keeps my mind sharp, especially when it comes to problem solving. 

Your favourite beauty product right now? 

My favourite beauty product right now is anything from the Body Shop’s Oils of Life range. I recently started using them and I love how rejuvenated my skin looks on days where I don’t wear any makeup. 

And your number one beauty tip?

Work on maintaining a good skin care routine – skin first, makeup second.

Humidity 🏝☀️

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Who’s your IG crush?

I love Lauren Fye’s Account @c_l_o – whenever I need inspiration, it’s the first account I go to. 

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