3 Signs Tristan Wasn’t Fully Committed to Khloé, According to a Body-Language Expert

It’s sad but obvious

Body language can reveal many truths about relationships — but only if you know how to read it. In Celebrity Couples: Decoded, an expert interprets A-listers’ interactions to shed light on their IRL dynamic.

In the wake of allegations that Tristan Thompson, 27, is a serial cheater who strayed from his pregnant girlfriend Khloé, 33, by kissing other women at a nightclub, North Carolina-based body-language expert Blanca Cobb assessed some photos shared publicly by the couple.

While she’s generally found their body language in sync, subtle signs that Tristan wasn’t fully committed were there all along, she says:

1 He Had One Foot In, One Foot out of Their Relationship

Tristan consistently points his toes away from Khloé:

❥ Mom and Dad ❥

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‘He’s kissing her with his eyes closed, which is sweet, but it’s like he’s confused,’ Cobb says of his lower body. ‘Typically, angling your foot outward suggests there’s somewhere else you’d rather be, and his feet are going in opposite directions rather than towards Khloé.’


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In the photo above, Tristan’s right foot juts outward again as he touches Khloé’s baby belly. Because you move toward people you want to be with, and touch things that are important to you, ‘there’s inconsistency between his upper and lower halves,’ Cobb says. ‘I get the impression he’s more interested in the baby than the woman.’

2 He Didn’t Hold Khloé All That Tight

Above, it’s clear Khloé is all in this hug, but Tristan’s right arm remains by his side, soldier-like. ‘In an intimate moment, when the emotions are there, you’d expect both his hands to be draped around her, pulling her close,’ Cobb says. ‘It’s not happening here. It makes you wonder why he’s not reciprocating.’

Even when Tristan engages his arms in an embrace, he’s sort of disconnected, according to Cobb:

❤️ My Love ❤️

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‘When you touch someone with your fingertips, it shows a level of disconnection,’ Cobb says of Tristan’s left hand. ‘His hands aren’t making as much skin contact as you’d expect. Although he’s leaning down to Khloé, it’s like he’s just projecting the appearance of wanting to be with her.’

Here he goes again with a fingertips-only touch in the top left photo below, where his hand hovers above Khloé’s shoulder:

Even when the couple kisses in the bottom photo, Tristan lets his arm hang behind Khloé’s shoulder, rather than pressing his palm against her skin.

3 He Used His Arm As A Buffer

Happy Halloween 👻

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During the kiss above, Tristan places his left arm between his body and Khloé’s, blocking his pleasure zone as Khloé leans in. ‘You do this when you don’t want someone to get too close,’ Cobb says, noting that it’s not all bad: they’re still kissing with their eyes closed, which suggests they’re both in the moment.

Below, it’s tough to tell whether Tristan’s right hand is in his pocket — a sign of discomfort, anxiety, or something that just isn’t quite right, according to Cobb.

Him ❤️

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For all we know, he could be reaching inside Khloé’s jacket to touch her hip. Either way, the way his right arm is positioned, it’s clear he’s not enveloping her as he kisses her on the head, which Cobb sees as a deep sign of love, despite the inconsistency in his body language. ‘It’s a head-scratcher,’ she says.

The Bottom Line:

‘When you’re cheating and don’t want to get busted, you do everything in your power to create a facade,’ Cobb says. ‘Even if he did cheat, he could still care about her and want to be with her.’

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan US

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