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What is COSMO On Campus and how can I get hold of my copy?

COSMO On Campus

So what is COSMO On Campus? It’s a free, bite-sized version of COSMO, and it will be available at some of South Africa’s biggest university campuses.

We know that money can be tight for students, so we’ve produced a free version that gives a taste of the advice, entertainment and inspiration offered in COSMO every month. COSMO On Campus is the ultimate guide for students who are stepping out into the real world to become fun, fearless females.

Find COSMO On Campus at your university:

SUN (Stellenbosch) – Rooiplein 10 Oct

UJ B – Student Centre 14 Oct

UJ A – Outside SRC 15 Oct

NMMU – South campus canteen – 15 Oct

UKZN W Quad – 17 Oct

UKZN H Quad – 18 Oct

TUT Fountain area – 22 Oct