10 Things You Have to Do Before You Leave Varsity

Before you enter adulthood, here are a few things every girl’s gotta do.

1. Take a Course for Fun
Sure, a semester of Latin might not benefit your journalism degree in the long run, but so what? You’ve probably spent your varsity career doing a ton of courses because you have to. If there’s a gap in your schedule and you need to build up credit, pick a course that interests you over one that’s attached to your major.

2. Make New Friends
If you’ve been at it for a while, chances are you have your group of close friends and you don’t feel like you need any more. There can never be too many friendly faces in your life. Chat to the cool chick from America who’s completing her semester abroad, or the cute guy who’s just transferred from a different uni.

3. Attend a Class that isn’t Your Own
See how the other half lives! Sit in on an engineering lecture to see what it’s all about (and scope out the super smart guys). Seeing the same people over and over again can get tedious, so change it up every now and again. You might be surprised at how interesting you find something you didn’t expect you’d be into.

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4. Check Out Every Campus
Most universities have loads of different campuses. Visit all of them. Some of the nicest restaurants can be found at the most random campuses – if you haven’t seen any of them, make a plan during a free period. It’s always fun to people watch a brand new group.

5. Ask Him Out
So you’ve been staring at him from a distance since he was in your first year, first semester tut, and since then he’s (somehow) only been getting hotter. You smile at him when you catch his eye, and he smiles back. Ask him out already! Sure, it’s scary to put yourself out there, but even if it doesn’t work out you’ll be so impressed with your own bravery.

6. Intern, Intern, Intern
Ah, the conundrum that plagues our generation: You need experience to get a job, but a job to get experience. These days, experience is more important than a degree. Start looking for internships immediately so that, when you’re ready, you’ll have opportunities for experience lined up. Best case scenario, you’re employed by the company you intern at. Worst case? What worst case?

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7. Capitalise on the Student Discount
With student life comes power, and with this power comes free trips to the museum and 25% off take-out burgers. Before you leave varsity, use that student card! You’d be amazed how many shops, restaurants and cool entertainment venues will be throwing discounts your way. Use them.

8. Find Your Passion
Sit down with a cup of tea and get to know yourself. After varsity, the rest of your life waits, and it can be extremely daunting. Knowing for sure what you want to do will make the slide into adulthood that much easier. If you’re building your life around your passion, you’ll always be happy. So, find it.

9. Do Charity Work
Looking for instant gratification? Do something for someone less fortunate. Join your campus’s charity work society and better your community. It’s not just something to look good on your CV – it’s something that can (and will) change your life. No harm in leaving varsity as an even better person than when you started.

10. Have a Proper Convo with your Favourite Lecturer or Tutor
That awesome philosophy professor is not as scary as he looks. Instead of just approaching lecturers about deadlines, approach them to talk about your passion for their subject! They’ll appreciate it so much, and you could end up with a contact for life.

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