6 money-conscious tips that will seriously change your life

Yes, we’re ready to make money moves!

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Ever feel like you have to choose between enjoying life and making responsible financial decisions? With these money-conscious tips, you don’t have to choose. 

1. Make the commitment

Being financially savvy takes time and some practice before you can make those big money moves. Relying on trusted resources and experts can help – check out the RCS website for more information. 

2. Manage social expectations

If you’re trying to save or cut back on spending, make it known to your family and friends. There’s no shame in letting your people know that you’re trying to switch things up. 

3. Guilt-free splurging

Decide how often you want to eat out and where so you can stay within budget. A great way to stay money-conscious after the lockdown is over, is to try The Entertainer app to find amazing foodie spots, and bill-splitting apps like Splid or Splitwise the next time you’re out with your girls. 

4. You’re just pre-rich, girl

We love local author Mapalo Makhu’s best-selling book, You’re Not Broke, You’re Pre-Rich! It’s packed with tips to help you live your best financial life. 

5. Hit the road

A long-weekend adventure (post-lockdown) is totally possible with a little planning. Figure out your budget and choose an affordable road-trip destination. 

6. Get Creative

We now know for sure that social butterflies can stay home too. Games night, movie night and virtually hanging out with your favourite people doesn’t have to come with a hefty bill. Put your cooking skills to the test and make your favourite snacks.

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