7 free online courses to upskill yourself during the national lockdown

Get ready to flex with your knowledge, honey.

Online courses on lockdown

It’s hard to escape the anxiety that comes with entering a national lockdown. As the South African health department confirms just over 1000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, it’s extremely important that each of us adhere to the national lockdown guidelines. While 21 days at home may feel like a recipe for peak anxiety and hella binge eating, we want to help you turn this lockdown into a boss-up bootcamp for yourself. Take this time at home to bling out your CV and add a a new qualification to your arsenal. Here are the best, free online courses to upskill yourself during the national lockdown.

1. The Science of Well Being

This is a very popular Yale University course. The course focuses on what makes humans truly happy. The coursework is based on the learnings from Laurie Santos, author of Psychology and the Good Life. The course focuses on how we can overcome our own biases, unpacking the misconceptions of happiness and how best we can build a happy and fulfilled life. You can sign up here for the course which starts 26 March 2020. Sign up now, sis.

2. Work Smarter, Not Harder: Time Management for Personal & Professional Productivity

The University of California offers this online course for people who would like to focus on the understanding of personal and professional awareness, organisation and commitment. This will allow learners to use the techniques taught to get better at goal setting, prioritisation, scheduling, and delegation. I feel like we ALL need this one. Sign up here and be an organised babe.


3. English for Business and Entrepreneurship

The University of Pennsylvania is offering A LOT of online courses during this time, so you really can boss up any facet of your life. The business gals may want to try this course as it helps people who may have English as a third or fourth language to learn more about the global business economy. The course tackles topics and language necessary to succeed in the international workplace. Sign up here to start the course.

4. Starting a Business 1: Vision and Opportunity

The University of Leeds is offering a comprehensive course on how best to build your business this course will help you consider your vision and explore the opportunities available. It will give you the time to plan and help you to start documenting your thoughts in a structured business plan while allowing you to share your ideas with others. Sign up here and get that hustle going.


5. Learn to Program: The Fundamentals

We all know that coding is the future. With some primary schools making it a part of the school curriculum, everybody should know how to unlock the world of programming. The University of Toronto is offering a course which, ‘Introduces the fundamental building blocks of programming and teaches you how to write fun and useful programs using the Python language’. Sign up here.

6. Introduction to Big Data

The University of California is offering a sought-after course that introduces you to big data. According to the university, ‘This course is for those new to data science and interested in understanding why the Big Data Era has come to be. It is for those who want to become conversant with the terminology and the core concepts behind big data problems, applications, and systems. It is for those who want to start thinking about how Big Data might be useful in their business or career’. Sign up here.


7. Education for All: Disability, Diversity and Inclusion

Our very own, University of Cape Town is offering an education course. According to the university, ‘This course you will learn about inclusive education, understanding what barriers there are to learning and how to challenge them. Over six weeks you will learn from a range of people with experience of disability, discovering practical ways to create a more inclusive learning environment that you can apply in your own area’. Sign up here.

These are just some of the free online courses available to study online so feel free to browse and get the course that speaks to your interests and goals.

Let’s get learning!

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