Your Ultimate Astro Guide to Money, Based on Your Sign

Because we all get that bread differently.

Money might not entirely make the world go around, but hey, it suuuure greases the wheels. Astrology–specifically your Sun sign–plays a role in how you make it, save it, and spend it.

ARIES: The Impulse Shopper

Pretty much whatever you earn, you spend. The bennies come in thick and fast, but they go out just as swiftly. Wham bam, thank you and goodbye!

Lucky for you though, your bold and instinctive personality makes you suited to high stakes (read: $$-making) work environments that others may struggle with–like being a surgeon, banker, military, or super high up in sales. You earn best when the pressure’s on, or when there’s competition to inspire you to fully crush it.

Your ruling planet, Pluto, is your secret backer and works behind the scenes to bring you the riches you need to live the lifestyle you desire. Somehow, things always just seem to work out. Sure, you have a lil’ financial guardian angel in Pluto, but don’t get too cocky!

Impulse buys, late night Poshmark rampages, bargain shops, auctions (because it’s actually a competition, right?), gambling.

Dog walking. Controlling a pack of pooches will be easy peasy for an alpha like yourself, and actually you think you’d look pretty darn cool strutting around the park with not just one tame Labradoodle but a whole pack of hounds.


TAURUS: The Status Symbol Lover

Money is very important to you and you innately respect its power and potential, largely because it gives you access to your other fave thing: Luxury. Your ruling planet, Venus, puts you on a collision course with beautiful things, and you covet the very best of the material world. You’d rather save for one eye-wateringly expensive item than stuff your shopping cart with bargain goodies.

You actually like saving. You like sitting on a pile of gold, like you have an inner dragon in your Taurean psyche. Money is something you enjoy controlling, so you’re a sound financial cookie.

Torturing yourself with comparisons to the super-rich, and their pots of gold. Enjoy what you have, live within your means, and don’t covet the lifestyles of others because you don’t know what they have to endure to get those riches.

Decorating or upgrading people’s pads. You’re a natural aesthete and have a great eye, but you’re also blessed with great practical skills and a persistence to get the job done. Sprucing up someone’s home (even if you’re just helping a friend paint their walls) is something easy enough to do on a weekend and also something your home-loving butt LOVES.


GEMINI: The Credit Card Enthusiast

All those inner Gemini personalities of yours have different ideas about money, and everything else too. One day you can be investing and prioritizing your resources like a pro, another day making the most frivolous purchases and unnecessary buys which, while next week, you can turn them into a tidy online re-selling profit. Your financial world is rarely dull, but it IS erratic and unpredictable.

Earnings-wise, you do best with a portfolio of work rather than just one job. You need variety–it helps you stay engaged and you’re smart enough to cross-fertilize the best of each role into the others, making magic! Lateral thinking comes naturally to you.

Doing anything when one of your wilder twin personalities has hold of the wheel! Just pull over, and wait for the mad urges to pass.

You’re a natural-born teacher, Gemmy. You have an innate ability to break stuff down and teach it simply and efficiently to others. Tutoring, mentoring, leading workshops, lecturing, and creating training courses online are all channels you can shine in.


CANCER: Safety Blanket Required

You need security–risks don’t appeal to you. You see money as your backup plan to a lot of potentially serious situations, but this driving desire to have an emergency fund at your disposal can overrule other wants, like living your life. You can stick out a job you really despise, just because it’s a guaranteed pay check. Ease up on yourself, Cancer. You can find work you enjoy and that pays well.

Jobs that suit you typically draw out your empathetic and creative skills, like counseling, teaching, writing, or caregiving.

You like to impress others and make grand gestures to show your love and appreciation… that’s lovely, but don’t blow the budget here. Also, don’t let security be the “be all and end all” all the time. Sometimes you gotta move sideways, or take a chance (or even a pay cut) to get into a new, lucrative trade.

Creativity comes naturally to you, and you can make beautiful things for others. Set up an outlet (market stall, pop-up shop, online store) and start selling the products you enjoy crafting/baking/sewing/building–whatever they are. Get paid for what, to you, has always been a hobby.


Simply put, you make a lot and you spend a lot, never doing anything by half-measures. It works out because while you enjoy shelling out on, well, everything, you’re good about aligning your career to always make enough for all the treats you want and your savings account. This is all because your cosmic ruler, the Sun, grants you enough wisdom, strength and vitality to typically stay on the positive side of the financial line.

Leos love to lead, so you tend to rise high up in your chosen career, if not all the way to the top, baby! Show business/PR/journalism/content creation appeal to the limelight-hungry lions of the zodiac.

You are impulsive and proud, which can be a dangerous combo of traits in the workplace. Many a Leo has squandered a promising career pathway through a knee-jerk reaction, a tantrum, or unnecessary feud. Tame your urges to go to war with those you disagree with. Instead, keep them close and neutralize their impact in more subtle (and positive!) ways.

You love helping others look and feel their best–you see people as mini “projects” needing your beautifying guidance and you infuse them with your confidence and sincere praise. So, anything in the beauty/fashion/fitness industry will work, like fashion blogging, cosplay makeovers, hair extensions, an online accessory shop, or even being a personal trainer.


VIRGO: Doing What No One Else Will

Naturally practical and cautious, you enjoy saving and investing (maybe a lil’ bit tooooo much, if that’s possible–it is ok to spend your hard-earned cash on yourself, you know?). Your Mercurial shrewdness also makes you a wise and savvy operator, both in where and how to make your investments grow.

Virgos are great at doing the organizational stuff that others avoid, don’t enjoy, or can’t fathom dealing with. You can streamline a bustling schedule in your sleep or troubleshoot a thorny issue in the middle of coaxing your sick, vet-fearing cat into a carrier. It comes easily to you, so go make others’ lives easier (and get paid really well for it.)

Listening to your inner critic who tells you don’t deserve that promotion, or that you shouldn’t treat yourself to *that thing* because, who knows, your house could blow down tomorrow and you’d have nothing, blah blah. Tell it to STFU sometimes and go get what you deserve.

Helping others comes naturally to you, particularly in making sure things run smoothly or just better. Look for temporary or part-time project management opportunities, which is also an amazing step towards building a network.


LIBRA: In Need of Advice

Ruled by Venus, you’re drawn to the finer things in life but, thank goodness, you’re smart enough to know they come at a price, and this actually motivates you to work hard and earn well. You respect money and enjoy manipulating it, but it’s always a means to an end.

Libras are drawn to beauty, so any work in the arts, fashion world, or beauty industry comes naturally. You also love the law, and innately believe in fairness and justice, so work in or around the legal system equally appeals. Legally Blonde is a like a Libran career fairytale: Looking foxy in that cute pink suit, getting the boo and waging justice.

Indecisiveness. When time is money, don’t waste it by over-analyzing stuff or second-guessing your decisions. You can lose opportunities through procrastination. Get a financial advisor to help structure your investments and plans if you’re still unsure!

Personal shopper (ideally to rich people who tip big), makeup artist, photographer or graphic designer selling your beaut prints online. You are the queen of making the world a more beautiful place.


SCORPIO: Money=Power

Born shrewd, savvy, and self-protective, you view money as one of the material defenses you can use to guard your private kingdom and security, so you wield it wisely and well. You’re likely to have multiple accounts (like a squirrel burying its nuts for a rainy day) and you plan waaaaay ahead, making sure you know everything you need to know before making a move.

A career as a financial advisor would actually suit you best. Self-employed (read: no pesky boss), controlling other people’s prized assets (aka, power), a guiding authority (RESPECTED), privy to people’s finances (secrets revealed). What box isn’t ticked for you here?

Maybe, like, getting a bit too obsessive over your money to the point you cease to enjoy what freedoms or experiences it can unlock in your life. It’s a means to an end, Scorpio, not the end.

Researcher, private detective, mystery shopper, social media troll-hunter (people DO get paid to review and remove bad content, and you have the stomach for that.) Getting paid to masquerade as an anonymous bod and judge something in the process…heck, you’d do this for free.



Your ruling planet, Jupiter, brings you abundance, opportunity and luck when you need it most, so you always seem to come up smelling of roses no matter how extravagant, careless or reckless you are with your money (which is, TBH, frequently). You think on the spot and don’t bother tooooo much with savings and investments. When you need more money, you just kinda make that happen. It’s magic! You’re like the zodiac’s financial law of attraction!

You love travel, socializing and animals, so whatever weird career-combo you can craft from those things (an air ambulance vet?), please do so. Sales at a company you really like is also a good pathway, since you’re comfortable with a challenge.

I know it goes against the grain but please try and put something away for a rainy day. We all get them, and your (in)famous luck can’t always protect you. Set up an account, automate the investments, and let it mount up.

Ubering/Airbnbing or anything like it. No boss, office, time clock…just how you like it. You’ll get to meet lots of new people and get paid for the pleasure. This kind of solo “do as much or as little as you like” gig is right up your alley because you relish the freedom and space.

CAPRICORN: The Ultimate Saver

Self-restraint, prudence and self-discipline flow through your veins; traits which are hard-wired into your personality, so you handle your money with great care and frugality. You love saving, and feeling secure that you’ve got a (fairly luxurious) safety net beneath you at all times. Putting resources away for the future makes you all glowy–you like to know your retirement will be secure and cushy and probably involve a yacht. That said, you enjoy status symbols and brandishing your hard-earned spoils so when you do spend, it’s often on high-ticket stuff. And why not? You deserve it.

You’re organized, determined and shrewd, and you have a great head for business. The corporate world appeals because you enjoy the structure and formality, the processes, and scope for progression. You like there to be a defined ladder with surmountable goals clearly sign-posted, which you then focus on climbing to reach.

Frugality can turn into stinginess if you’re not careful and, although your caution makes sense in your head, it can look selfish or mean to others if you get too fixated on saving for tomorrow. It’s nice to treat people (and yourself), to invest in today versus a horizon you’re not even close to yet. Live more in the now.

All Capricorns are pretty much born ready for business. And you’ve got the style and substance to make a wonderful consultant (i.e. telling people how to get ahead faster!). Offering talks and courses, or mentoring and utilizing your experience will hold major appeal, because people take you seriously. You deliver.


AQUARIUS: The Philanthropist

You’re a natural sharer of resources and would happily give away your last dollar if you felt someone needed it. Material things just don’t rank that highly with you, and there’s always a risk you’ll leave yourself short. However, you’re not stupid and you do realize that the reality of the world is that you need money to survive, so you earn enough, but money doesn’t motivate you in itself.

You are a campaigner, a promoter and a teacher. You want the world to be better, for humanity to improve and develop, and you’re drawn to things that help support that bigger picture. Careers with a philanthropist or humanist quality make you feel fulfilled and like you’re making a difference.

Making spontaneous decisions when you don’t have all the information! Aquarius, your assertiveness can tip over into dogmatism sometimes, and you don’t like listening to others when you’re on a roll. Please train yourself to note your epiphanies, but don’t act on them until you’ve researched some more. Save yourself from expensive mistakes!

You always have a unique angle on things and the world is interested in what you’ve got to say. Invent something! See the unmet needs, desires or frustrations around you and set to solving them. You, of all the signs, have the innovative brain to do this and get that bread doing it.


You’re lucky with money, but not very practical or authoritative. You kinda wait and see how things turn out, and rarely curb your urges to spend or indulge. So, the state of your finances is often based on luck (and, in fact, you don’t really like looking that often). Maxing out your credit card, and the subsequent debt, is a strong temptation, and once you start down that road, it’s hard to head out of it.

You’re an extremely creative person and a career in the arts where you can express yourself is the best course of action for Pisceans. If you’re not happy and fulfilled in work your sparkle can dull, and you can lose interest altogether. It’s important that you find a happy family of colleagues too. You absorb others’ vibes, and you feel jangled and miserable in a combative or tense workplace.

Stop the drifting and schedule financial check-ins, ideally with an advisor who can guide your attention to the most pressing matters. With regular interventions and updates, you can stay on top of your money without it becoming a drag.

Your creative and nature-loving personality makes you a wonderful tamer of landscapes and an enthusiastic grower of all things bright and beautiful–be that herbs, veggies, fruits or flowers. You could start your own garden and sell the output at markets.

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