Zodwa Wabantu Got Vaginal Rejuvenation (And Shared It With the World)

Didn’t wanna know? Too bad!

Local dancer and media personality Zodwa Wabantu has got everyone talking of late. From her engaged / not engaged / trying on wedding dresses saga, to having some controversial opinions, we’re surprised she finds the time for beauty procedures. But yet, she does!

It started with her getting a vampire facial – an experience she shared with her followers on Instagram. She then also got injections to rejuvenate her hairline. As if that wasn’t enough, she also admits to getting breast fillers to ‘stay fresh.’ Her latest experience was probably her most, er… invasive to date, and her fans got to watch the experience on social media. And now you can too!

Fix That Fanny

Yesterday Zodwa posted a video on Instagram of her getting a vaginal rejuvenation procedure done. The doctor talks her (and anyone watching) through what he is doing. Zodwa goes on to explain that some women, after giving birth, don’t feel the same ‘down there.’ She doesn’t seem to be experiencing any pain, which will no doubt have other interested parties calling in to book their appointments.

Vaginal rejuvenation is becoming increasingly popular and has even been done on the likes of Kim Kardashian and Jada Pinkett Smith. The procedure uses lasers that help to tighten your bits and make your vagina feel brand, spanking new – something Zodwa might be doing in preparation for her nuptials to her young fiancé? We’re not sure. But what we do know is that she is experimental and honest when it comes to beauty and wellness treatments. And it’s great for her to share her experiences and help to de-stigmatise cosmetic surgery and other enhancing procedures.

What will she go for next? A face lift? A chemical peel? A fish pedicure? We don’t know, but we’ll be keeping our eyes glued to her Insta so we don’t miss it.

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