Zodwa Wabantu Had This Procedure Done to 'Stay Fresh'

A lil’ somethin’ somethin’ never hurts

Zodwa Wabantu is someone who loves her body and celebrates her curves. But this doesn’t mean that she has any plans on letting nature take its course. At least not without a little bit of aesthetic intervention. And with all the different treatments out there that promise to make us look and feel our best, radiant selves, can you blame her? We thought not.

Best Face (and Boobs) Forward

Lately, Zodwa has been doing a lot. And we’re not talking about getting engaged to her Ben 10 beau and then postponing it here. We’re talking about cosmetic procedures. A few weeks ago she posted pictures to social media that show her getting a (very gory) modified vampire facial to rejuvenate her skin. Hey, we all love a glow, and she was clearly happy with the results from this Insta-famous treatment.

This was, however, just the beginning for the 33-year-old dance legend and reality star. Last week she posted a video of herself receiving another treatment, this time getting injections to increase growth around her hairline.

This chick is obviously not scared of needles!

But this isn’t the end, because Zodwa also admitted to TshisaLIVE that she has had a lil’ somethin’ done to her boobs. ‘I love myself, I want people to understand that… But I have the money now to ensure that I stay fresh. I did have some breast fillers put it, it’s not like a boob job per se, but yeah I have fillers in my breasts. My fans will see that on my reality show soon,’ she says. She also adds that ‘I am not actually changing myself but just making what I have already, be the best it can be. My skin must look its best and because I work hard, I don’t have as much time to ensure I get things like enough sleep or drink enough water and stuff. So I go for these procedures to make up for that.’

So don’t expect any major changes, just a few minor, flattering tweaks.

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