Zodwa Wabantu is launching a fragrance line next month

Just in time for Christmas shopping!

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When Zodwa Wabantu isn’t dancing up a storm and teasing us with wedding dress pics, she can often be found at her local beauty clinic. Over the last few months she has had plenty of work done, from having her cellulite ‘ironed out’ to undergoing a trendy vampire facial to giving her breasts an instant refresh.  She’s a woman who likes to keep herself looking her best, and we love that she invites us along for the ride with the mid-procedure videos she dutifully posts on the ‘Gram. Your journey is our journey, babes!

So Zodwa is clearly a fan of the beauty industry. So much so that she is about to become a part of it, because she’s announced that she will be launching two fragrances in December. We are counting down the days!

The smell of success

On 4 December – which is just 19 days away (yes, we counted!) – Zodwa Wabantu is going to be launching a pair of fragrances. The range is called ‘Touchable’ and comes in a day or night variety. This local star even has her own website, Zodwa Beauty, which leads us to believe that this might be just the start of a legit career in the beauty space.

According to her website, Zodwa Wabantu herself was responsible for creating the scents. ‘Touchable Day is an intoxicating, sensual day time fragrance which is captivating and desirable, while the Touchable Night fragrance is both sexy and alluring for glamorous nights of fun and romance.’

It also mentions that this is her ‘debut collection,’ which gives us *even more* reason to think that she’ll be launching more beauty products or treatments in future. Maybe she’ll create a bust-firming cream. Or even patent a cellulite-busting tool for home use. We don’t know, but we can’t wait to find out!

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