Zodwa Wabantu Got *Another* Beauty Procedure to Make Her Cleavage ‘Pop’

Beauty for the bust

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Zodwa Wabantu is one local celeb who luuuurves her beauty ‘tweakments.’ We know this because every time she goes for one, she shares her experience on social media with her followers. Whether this is in the interest of being transparent about the work she gets done or she likes to inform her fans of the myriad procedures out there, we don’t know. But we are here for it anyway. The latest one she’s received? A procedure to make her cleavage ‘pop’.

Putting Her Best Chest Forward

Local entertainer Zodwa Wabantu is all about self-improvement, especially when it comes to her body. In the past she has received – and documented – procedures to rejuvenate her vagina and to ‘iron out’ cellulite. Last week she went to her fave aesthetics clinic to get a Body Wrap Glow treatment, and the pictures we low-key terrifying (although the results probably made being wrapped in plastic worth it).

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While Zodwa has had treatments to improve her bust area before, yesterday she went for another one to make her cleavage ‘pop’.

This treatment is basically hyaluronic acid injections into the chest area. The practitioner performing the treatment explains: ‘What it does is it attracts water, so it makes the skin look much healthier, so you get that look over the décolletage area where it glows, looks fresh, healthy and revitalised.’ Zodwa adds later that her breasts will be ‘popping’ when she is wearing her bikinis.

The décolletage region is one that many of us ignore. This means that it can show signs of ageing more quickly, making all that work you put into maintaining your face futile. If you don’t want to have to go for scary-looking injections later, start extending your skincare routine down your neck and onto your chest. And make sure that you apply SPF to this zone daily to avoid having to undergo similar procedures. But at least you know there are treatment options for any body woes out there, thanks to Zodwa’s informative posts. Keep ’em coming!

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