Zendaya Wore Her Natural Curls at NYFW and She Looks Sublime


Kids' Choice Awards 2017, zendaya

Over the past year, Zendaya has worn her hair in more ways than we can count. After stepping out with a cute blonde wig at the Met Gala, she then debuted a faux fringe at the ‘Euphoria’ Premiere, and shortly after dyed her hair bright red, which sent fans into a wild frenzy.

Soon after, her extreme hair endeavours seemed to have come to a halt, and she kept it quite low-key for a while. In between the more dramatic makeovers, she has also been partial to switching up her style from straight, to wavy, to curly. Three days ago, though, she walked the Tommy Hilfiger show at New York Fashion Week sporting her incredible natural curls and basically blew everyone else out the water BIG TIME.

Wearing what appears to be extensions – the last time we checked her hair was definitely not this long – the fiery red hue has dissipated into a subtle auburn, which has been enhanced by her orange-toned ends.


The finished look is an ombre dream that we’re wondering how to recreate on our own heads – to say we are mesmerised would be a serious understatement.

While we were very much here for the bright red, we reckon we’re feeling this dip-dyed look even more so. How has she achieved such volume? And those ringlets are pretty much perfectly formed. Zendaya, tell us your hair secrets, please? We need to know them immediately!

This post originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com.

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