YouTube 'Dick Appointment' Beauty Tutorials are Becoming a Thing

Meeting bae? There’s a makeup look for that

Beauty tutorials have saved many a makeup newbie when it comes to creating killer looks. Want to master winged liner? There’s a tutorial (or 100) for that. Want to learn how to do nail art? There are tutorials for that as well. This is one of the best ways for people to hone their skills and they have become incredibly popular. Hey, even RiRi is jumping on the bandwagon.

But this year a new type of beauty video has been gaining popularity on YouTube – makeup looks for when you are going to be having sex. Honestly, it was only a matter of time.

Makeup and Makeout

Dick appointment makeup tutorials were spawned by beauty guru Sarah Cheung, with many others following suit.

It’s safe to say that it is becoming a thing.

So what exactly is dick appointment makeup, anyway? Basically it’s about creating a look that will have you feeling yourself (and your partner feeling you) but that won’t rub off all over the bedding, either. This means you might want to skip the foundation, swipe on some waterproof mascara and use a longwear liquid lipstick that will stay put throughout your romping sesh (and won’t rub off on him, which is useful if you are a side chick).

Not only are people finding these niche tutorials useful for the makeup tips, but also because they are sex positive. Many of the women making these vids also talk to their followers about sexuality, consent and what healthy relationships look like. And we really like our tutorials with a side of life advice.

So next time you know you are going to be hooking up with someone and don’t know what makeup look will compliment your naked body best, now you know where to turn. Keep it up, ladies!

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