WTF Are Rainbow Teeth? The Beauty Trend We Never Saw Coming

Pearly whites? SO yesterday!

What would the world be without colour? A pretty boring place. When it comes to beauty we use it to elevate our look, accentuate our best features and just to have fun. If you saw someone with colourful hair or makeup, you wouldn’t even give it a second glance – unless it was to take in their fabulosity – but what about rainbow teeth? Brace yourselves, because one company is actually trying to make this a thing.

Taste the Rainbow

Our teeth are also commonly known as pearly whites, because this is the colour that most of us want them to be.


But not the makers of  CHROM Tooth Polish, a US-based company who has created a line of colourful tooth polishes. And not ‘polish’ in the sense that it cleans your gnashers either, but rather products that do the same thing as nail varnish and add a pop of colour to the inside of your mouth.

At the moment, they stock 10 trendy shades including pastel pink, blue, green as well as metallic gold and bronze if you want to be a bit extra (who needs an actual grill when you can paint one on, am I right?) The results, as you might expect, are weird and would definitely take some (a lot of) getting used to.

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But how does it work? CHROM Tooth Polish is painted on the same way you would nail enamel, which is easy unless you start to drool. Apparently, it lasts for up to 24 hours (talk about long wear!) and it can be removed in just a few seconds. It is also smudge-proof and tasteless so it won’t get in the way of your dinner plans.

You can paint all your teeth or just a few ‘accent teeth’ and can mix and match the colours to go with your mood… or your outfit. While this trend might take off on runways and high-fashion editorials, we’re not sure we’re willing to take a bite out of it just yet.

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