Would You Use Your Own Hair to Make a Makeup Brush? One Vlogger Did

I mean… what else are you going to do with the trimmings?

We love a good beauty hack. Tutorials can show us how to make our own products and tools so that we have to fork out less in stores. Bargain! One beauty DIY that has been doing the rounds, however, has *definitely* crossed a line: Using your own hair to create a makeup brush. I. Kid. You. Not.

Hairy Situation

One user on Twitter, who goes by the moniker @malicioustaurus, posted a 5-minute craft beauty tutorial she stumbled on somewhere on the interwebs. In said video, a woman ties up a small piece of her hair, CHOPS it OFF, then attaches it to a pencil. She then proceeds to use this as a makeup brush. If you’re feeling brave, or need to see proof, feel free to check it out:

This video has since gone viral but not because people are going to be trying this one at home. A piece of your hair is no substitute for the real deal (even if you are trying to be more eco-conscious). Our hair contains all sorts of oil, dirt and product residue that won’t do your skin any good. Trust us.


The video seems to be posing a solution to people who want to get their face beat but their makeup brushes are dirty and they don’t have time to wash them. We suggest investing in a backup set, as there are plenty of affordable, good-quality options on the market. There really is no need for such drastic action.

Another thing worth mentioning is that no amount of makeup is going to distract from the fact that you’d have a chunk of your hair missing. Just something to think about before reaching for the scissors.

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