A Woman is Suing Gucci for Having Eyeliner Forced on Her

A bit of a reach, perhaps?

People like to sue big brands. In the ’90s, an elderly American woman decided to sue fast-food giant McDonald’s after she dropped a coffee on her damn self and, as a result, suffered from third-degree burns. She scored the equivalent of R9 million out the (or)deal. Now it seems as though another woman is following suit, this time in Canada because she is suing Gucci and Saks Fifth Avenue for the ‘uninvited application of an eyeliner’ in 2016.


Yes, you read that right.

Liner Lawsuit

A 54-year-old estate agent from Toronto, Tracey Dunn, was shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC a couple of years ago. This was when an over-enthusiastic salesperson at the Gucci counter ‘accosted’ her. The victim claims that he ‘coerced her’ into applying makeup to her face, which he proceeded to do ‘forcefully and vigorously’. Sounds traumatic.

She also claims that the sales assistant didn’t sharpen or clean the pencil before he attacked her with it. Apparently, the whole saga was traumatic for Dunn, who has since lost all her eyelashes and has developed a permanently blurry vision. Physical ailments aside, she also suffers from ‘continuous emotional and mental distress’ because of what’s happened. She is suing Saks and Gucci for R32 million, which she needs because she is now unable to work because ‘her self-esteem has been dramatically altered.’

We’re not sure what the outcome of this case will be, but it does seem like this lady is doing some *serious* reaching. Alternatively, Saks Fifth Avenue could be training up their staff to be so forceful when approaching customers that they can’t say no to forking over all of their hard-earned money. This, however, is highly unlikely. This lady may have been legitimately ruined, or she is being extra. Our money is on the latter.

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