A Woman Curled Her Hair on a Pole And the Internet is Shook

Now no one can deny climate change ?

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Are you on the fence about whether global warming is a legitimate concern? You shouldn’t be, but just in case you are, some solid proof emerged last week that the world is getting crazy hot. And no, there was no makeup sliding off faces and becoming a puddle of sweat, but a girl curled her hair on a pole that had been heated up by the sun. And it worked!

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A video started doing the rounds last week of a girl who curled her hair on a hot metal pole. The pole in question – which was likely connected to some type of railing – had been baking in the hot California sun all day and while the girl didn’t seem sure that it would work, she wrapped her hair around it anyway. She then held it in place for a few seconds and when she released it was visibly shocked that she now had a defined curl. Just in case you don’t believe us, here’s the proof:

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Over the past few days, this vid has been viewed by close to a million Instagram users, all of whom seemed completely shook. The caption read ‘hair curling on a budget’ and, while it is laugh-out-loud crazy that this was even possible, it is also pretty scary to think that the planet is only going to get hotter as global warming is on the increase. What’s next? We won’t need a stovetop to fry our eggs any more because the pavement temperature will be ‘just right’? Scary stuff!

If this video is making you jealous because summer hasn’t quite made an appearance in SA just yet, rest assured that in just a few more weeks you will probably be able to wrap your hair around poles for a cheap styling option too.

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