Woman Claims that Dog Urine Keeps Her Skin Flawless

Don’t try this at home. Or at the dog park

Dogs are a man’s best friend. Not only can they be really helpful to people who are differently abled, but as pets, they show more devotion than any human ever could. They’re always happy to see us and protect us and eat any food we might drop on the ground.

It helps that they are also cute AF.


One dog owner from the USA, however, thinks that dogs have even more to offer us than unconditional love and devotion. She claims that drinking her dog’s urine is responsible for her glowing complexion. Really.

The woman, who for obvious reasons did not reveal her name, catches her canine’s pee in a cup when she takes him out to tinkle. She then proceeds to drink it – much to the horror of any onlookers.

She says that before she started drinking dog urine, she was suffering from depression as well as really bad acne. Dog urine, which she says is rich in vitamins A and E and also contains 10 grams of calcium, was her answer to those problems. She claims to have never felt, or looked, better.

Life Liquid

Urine therapy, or the act of drinking urine, is a health practice with it’s roots in ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt, with many people in India still downing the golden nectar on the daily. Medical experts say that there are much better ways to get these vitamins without resorting to drinking your dog’s wee, which can also contain unhealthy herbicides and parasites. Taking a proper vitamin supplement each morning also goes a long way to preserving your, and your pup’s, dignity.

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