Woman From Peru Wants to Break the Record for Having the Longest Hair

Long hurr, do curr.

The bob might be trending this season, but long hair is timeless. It’s the preferred style of many women across the globe and it is universally flattering. But while loads of celebs are chopping their tresses off, one lady from Peru, 24-year-old Noemi Elizabeth Romero Huaman, is hoping to snatch the title of having the world’s longest hair. It’s safe to say she has some serious #hairgoals.

Livin’ it Long

Long hair is something that little girls love to perv over. We all want to have our ‘Ariel moment’.


But most people don’t have the hair type or commitment to grow their hair out for their whole life and not experiment with different, shorter looks along the way. Noemi Elizabeth Romero Huaman is clearly made of stronger stuff, both literally and figuratively, because she hasn’t once given in to trends and has remained committed to living the long life.

Huaman – also known as the ‘Peruvian Rapunzel’ – claims that long hair is something that runs in her family, and it is obviously a great source of pride for her. As for her haircare routine, she admits that it takes an hour to wash, comb and braid her tresses, which measure in at a whopping 1.78 metres long. That’s the same as the height of a person, just to put it in perspective. And since she stands at just five feet, this means that her hair is now longer than she is tall.

The current title holder for World’s Longest Hair is Argentinian national Lorenzatti April, whose hair was 1.52 meters long. Now Huaman is on a mission to officially snatch the top spot and go down in history as the woman with long locks (and a longer-than-necessary haircare regimen). We’re sure that hair family of long-haired relatives will be very proud.

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