Wigs VS Sew-Ins: Which is Better For Your Hair and Your Pocket?

Think cost and comfort

For us Nubian queens, when it comes to hair, convenience and quality are so important! Most of us are trying to find hairstyles that will last long, look good, but won’t require us to sit for hours and hours installing or maintaining them. When it comes to sew-ins and wigs, many women have been undecided on which of the two is better for your hair and better for your coins. Deciding between the two popular styles is hard, but we are here to make it a little easier for you!


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When human hair extensions first started gaining popularity, sew-ins were the go-to method of installation. The hair is braided into corn-rows and the hair extensions are sewn onto the cornrows. At first, we would have to wear our natural hair out for the parting and later came the lace closures and frontals. Sew-ins are a great protective style for your natural hair and can be a nice change from your everyday hairstyles. However, sew-ins can be quite pricey and are not very convenient. Sew-ins could take you up to 3 hours for installation and could set you back around R250+. You also need to go in and get your sew-in re-installed every 2-3 weeks, which adds to the cost. Improper installation like braiding the cornrows too tight can cause problems like traction alopecia. Moreover, using poor quality hair can cause tangling and shedding, which may look unnatural, especially when you’ve left your hair out.


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Wigs have been around for a while, however, human hair wigs in the African hair communities became popular after sew-ins. Ladies were looking for more convenient and cost-effective options than the traditional sew-ins and the maintenance they require. Hair bought for sew-ins often doesn’t last long because it is constantly on your head, whereas wigs can be removed, increasing longevity. Wigs give the option to instantaneously change your look and are very easy to maintain. They are often, however, much more expensive initially. A good-quality human-hair wig can last you 2/3 years if you maintain it well but can set you back a couple of thousand rands. Since wigs are bought or made in a particular style, they can be restrictive when you want to change-up your look.

When deciding if you’re going to be wig-ing it or sewing it in, remember to consider what works best for your lifestyle as well as what works best for your pocket.

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