How to take your wig from from basic to big, rich energy


A wig collection so big, you transform into a new bad b*tch every day of the week – talk about hair goals! When it comes to the wig switch-up game, you could say Nyané and Tshepi Vundla have a PhD in Wigology. Hairstylists, Justine Alexander and Marchay Linderoth (the masterful hands behind these million-dollar looking do’s) reveal exactly how to take your wig from basic to big, rich energy. 💰💸💰💸🔥

Tshepi’s curly wet hair look

this is giving us major 2018 Zendaya Met-Gala feels.

The style lowdown

‘I first sprayed Tshepi’s curly wig with water (get a plastic spritzer bottle from Clicks or Dischem to do this – one that dispenses liquid quite finely will do the job). After a little towel-drying, I applied mousse, scrunching the hair with my fingers for curl definition and added texture. I then saturated the mousse with Tresemmé Botanic Moisture & Replenish Hair Food (R44.99 at Clicks) for glassy shine and to help maintain that wet-look effect.’ – Hairstylist Justine Alexander (@justine_nomz).

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Nyané’s glossy grey bob

yaaaaas cheekbones, come thru!

The style lowdown

‘After applying a heat protectant to the lengths of the wig, I flat-ironed the hair in an inwards motion, creating quite a defined curl at the ends. I then pin-curled the hair falling towards the jawline to accentuate Nyané’s cheek area. Once the curls were set, I gently brushed through them with a ghd narrow dressing brush (R280 on to soften and further mold their shape. I kept flyaways on lockdown with label.m Hairspray (R265 on – placing extra focus on the inner parting of the wig.’ – Hairstylist Marchay Linderoth (@marchay_linderoth).

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Tshepi’s vintage glamour waves

Marilyn Monroe would defs approve.

The style lowdown

‘I used a curling tong here instead of a flat-iron. With this look, I wanted to create outward flicks and build some volume on the top of the head. I curled the bottom half of the wig in an outward direction, holding the curling tong in place for a little while. As soon as I took the hair out of the tong, I immediately sprayed each curl with hairspray and then pin-curled them individually.

‘At the top of the head, I flat-ironed the hair inwards and created volume using label.m Volume Mousse (R310 on I then created very structured waves, with a tong, at the front of the wig and pin-curled the hair out of Tshepi’s face. I let the hair set and as I unpinned them, I combed through each curl with a wide-toothed comb. To finish off, I brushed through each section of her wig with a flat paddle brush, then applied hairspray and serum for extended hold.’ – Hairstylist Marchay Linderoth (@marchay_linderoth).

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Nyané’s mint-green moment

Nyané just unlocked another level of baddie with this look!

The style lowdown

‘I started by prepping with mousse. This is a common first step when I style as it creates a tackiness that makes hair easier to mold to your desired shape. After allowing for some airdrying time, I created large pin-curls throughout the wig. I then let them rest for around 10 minutes and once the curls set, I brushed them out with a wide-tooth comb and finished off with Tresemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray (R89.99 at Clicks).’ – Hairstylist Justine Alexander (@justine_nomz).

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Tshepi’s Naomi-esque sleek strands

“Do the Naomi Campbell walk, Naomi Campbell walk, walk across the room like Naomi Campbell ♬”

The style lowdown

‘After applying a heat protectant, I blow-dried the hair first and then section by section (from back to the front), I flat-ironed the lengths to create that poker-straight effect. Once I got to the front of the wig, I straightened the hair into Tshepi’s face to frame and emphasise her perfectly contoured features. Flyaways can be really tricky with this type of style so I suggest using both hairspray and serum to combat this, especially on the ends of your hair.’ – Hairstylist Marchay Linderoth (@marchay_linderoth).

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Nyané’s dreamy lilac hue ‘do

Fairy godmuva is that you?

The style lowdown

‘I prepped the hair with mousse (my current staple is Tresemmé Salon Finish Volume & Lift, R89.99 at Clicks), and allowed the wig to airdry. Once dry, I sectioned off the hair and used a ghd curve soft curl tong (R2700 on to create the outward flick that you see at the ends of the hair – repeating this all around Nyané’s head.

‘To create her whimsical side fringe, I applied mousse onto a fine-tooth comb and gently combed the hair across her forehead in a side-swept style. I created a subtle lift beneath her fringe by softly pushing it forward with two fingers. I then molded the end of the fringe into a retro-styled twirl using my fingers and the back of a tail comb, securing this detail in place with a bit of hairspray.’ – Hairstylist Justine Alexander (@justine_nomz).

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