5 Gross Things That Can Happen If You Share Your Makeup

Sharing isn’t always caring.

If you are anything like me, you are pretty laid-back when it comes to sharing your makeup. A friend needs a mascara touch-up after a cry-fest? Sure. You’re about to take a group selfie and the squad wants a pop of gloss? I got you, homies.

But while this might seem like an innocent practice but, as the saying doesn’t go (but should in this case), if you really care you won’t share. Why? Because you could turn your beloved makeup collection into a cesspit of disease. Here are five nasty reasons to keep your cosmetics to yourself.

1 Skin Infections

Sharing products, sharing tools and putting dirty fingers into products can cause bacteria to grow and spread. This means that germs can be spread between people if you share your products with others, and can lead to an infection. No thanks!


2 Breakouts

Propionibacterium acnes is the fancy name for the bacteria that is responsible for zit formation. If anyone you know has acne and uses your products or tools, you could be the next one dealing with a pesky breakout. This is just one reason why it’s okay to be possessive over your beauty stash.


3 Pink Eye

Our eyes are delicate flowers because they are exposed and not protected by a thick layer of skin. This makes them even more susceptible to infections, which can happen easily if you share your mascara, liner or even lash curlers with other people. Better safe than sorry!


4 Cold Sores

Nothing says ‘pucker up’ quite like a sexy cold sore nestled just above or below your lip. One common way that they are spread is through the sharing of makeup and skincare products. This means that if someone you know has lips that are chapped AF, you might want to dispense enough product for them. Just in case.


5 Germs

Germs are everywhere, but they aren’t ALL bad. But some are, and they can be spread more easily when you share your makeup with all and sundry. If someone is or has recently been sick, you might want to stop yourself from handing over your makeup bag. It’s for your own good.


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