What is Skin Gritting and Can it Give You A Flawless Face?

Anything for the glow, right?

Skincare is big business. There are more different types of products on the market now than ever before because beauty junkies have realised that the key to a perfect face beat is a flawless face. In other words, the better your skin looks without makeup, the better it will look with it. This means that more and more people are investing in products and trying out various techniques that will make their skin smooth, healthy and radiant. One of these methods that are becoming increasingly popular is called skin gritting. Here’s how it’s done.

What is Skin Gritting?

This technique, which was first coined in online beauty forums, involves a few steps. Because no one said that the road to great skin was an easy one! The first step is to wash your face using an oil cleanser. This is then followed by a purifying clay mask, then followed with another round of oil cleanser.

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The theory is that the first oil cleanse loosens things up and, by applying slight pressure to your skin, brings all the blackheads and dirt from your pores to the surface of your skin making them easier to remove.

Devotees of this practice claim that it’s almost as satisfying as watching a Dr. Pimple Popper video because you can actually see the debris that comes out of your pores. If you want to try it out, you might want to make sure that you have no intentions of eating in the near future. It’s not pretty.

While not everyone in the beauty community has yielded the same satisfying results, it takes some trial and error to find an oil cleanser-clay mask combo that is right for you and your skin. And remember, not all trends work for all skin, so if this doesn’t work, don’t fret. AHAs and BHAs will always be there to help a girl out in times of pore congestion.

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