We Round Up the 6 Ooziest Viral Videos by Dr. Pimple Popper

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Dr. Pimple Popper, also known by her actual name, Sandra Lee, rose to fame a few years ago when she started posting videos online of her performing extractions. Extractions of what, you say? Anything gross that is living on or under people’s skin. Whether it’s an enormous blackhead, some kind of cyst or any other benign lump or bump, this dermatologist tugs them right out and records herself doing it. This way she not only provides her viewers with some *intense* satisfaction (and/or nausea) but also educates them on how to go about popping pimples correctly.

She regularly uploads her extractions to YouTube and Instagram, where they get plenty of views. She even has an adoring fan base of people who refer to themselves as ‘popaholics’… true story. We’ve rounded up the top six videos that got people talking (and puking). Brace yourselves (and maybe keep that cream cheese bagel for later). Consider yourself warned.

1 And Then I Saw Her Ears…

Our ears trap plenty of oil and grime so when pimples, blackheads and milia form, we often don’t see them or can’t reach them. Watching this video should scratch that proverbial itch.

2 Skittle Steatocystoma Session Three, Part One

If you prefer your extraction videos a little more complicated and containing more blood and tissue, then this one should be a fascinating and awe-inspiring watch.

3 Inflamed Cyst Incision & Drainage

This video stars a purple, inflamed boil which is in desperate need of drainage. This happens just five minutes in and Dr. Lee has to catch the pus in a metal surgical bowl.

4 Momma Squishy & Her Happy Steatocystomas!

If you have some time to kill, this 20-minute video is the popaholic version of watching an episode of a much-loved series. Cystic papules are removed, leaving the subject bump-free.

5 A Spongy Mooshy Pilomatricoma

Everyone loves a good ear-pimple extraction, don’t they? We do and this one, which leaves a huge gaping hole on the side of this man’s head, definitely hits the spot.

6 Never Ending Blackhead Surprises!

Is there anything that feels as good as removing a stubborn blackhead? Doubt it. And this video provides you with just that on a never-ending scale. Sit back and enjoy!

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