7 Ways to Grow and Maintain Your Natural Hair

Curlfriends, this one’s for you ??

We love that there’s a worldwide movement that’s celebrating natural, curly hair. We’re all about saying Goodbye Felicia to the pressure to go straight when the powers that be have blessed a sista with the power of the curl. So listen up, we’ve partnered with Clicks to bring you seven foolproof ways to grow and maintain your natural hair – no frizz, no fuss.

There’s are some totes ridics old wives’ tales about how to grow your curls. These include eating bread crust and carrots and washing hair in rainwater during the full moon to make it softer. Now we’re all for age-old wisdom but these tricks are more myth than anything else.

Let’s look at some real ways to level up your locks.

1 Keep your hair clean

Dirty hair or hair with excess product build-up can disrupt your scalp’s natural PH levels, which in turn affects the growth of your hair. Healthy scalp – healthy hair, right? So make sure you wash your hair regularly with a good, nourishing cleanser.




2 Condition your crown

Curly hair needs nourishment and a little bit of TLC, so do a deep condition once a week to help replace your hair’s natural moisture and protein and improve your hair’s elasticity and strength.



3 Massage your scalp

You may be surprised to know that massaging your scalp, stimulates hair growth. So get those fingers moving, guurrrl. Massaging your scalp with oil increases the blood circulation to the hair follicles, which revitalises and conditions the scalp, thus encouraging hair growth. Yes, please!


4 Protect your curls at night

Wearing a satin scarf at night protects your ends from breakage that occurs when you move around during the night. A scarf is a great way to lock in moisture while you sleep. Don’t worry, bae will get used to it.


5 Eat healthily

Adding foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, chia seeds and walnuts will assist healthy hair growth.


6 Create protective styles


Tuck your hair away with braids and twists to protect your hair from breakage. Don’t forget to keep your protective style clean and moisturised.


7 Be patient

Don’t look at us like that – you knew this was coming. We know you’re eager to grow your locks and flaunt your curls but patience is key. Hair grows about 1cm per month so be kind to your scalp and your body during the process and your body will reward you.

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Feature Image Credit: Marnus Meyer

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