6 video tutorials to reinvent your beauty routine during lockdown

Your skin will thank you ✨✨✨

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Life is busy. This means that we don’t often get the chance to try new skincare routines or techniques or to well-and-truly pamper ourselves. Now that SA is currently under lockdown to try and prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are spending just about every waking moment in the confines of our homes. And if you have already exhausted the list of things you wanted to accomplish (despite only being a few days in), how about using the remaining time to invest in your skin? Here are six video tutorials to show you how. You’re welcome!

1 Pampering top-to-toe routine

This routine covers everything from hair to body and face, and is the perfect one to copy if you have a few hours to kill (or a bleak mood that needs lifting).

2 A relaxing AF facial

Not only does this video give you a step-by-step look at how to do your own facial at home, but it is also super relaxing to watch (exactly what our frazzled nerves need ATM!).

So watching calming video tutorials is all well and good, but how about upskilling yourself in the beauty department? Here are some vids to expand your mind:

3 The 10-step Korean skincare routine

Always been curious about the famous 10-step Korean beauty routine but never had the time to give it a whirl? Now’s your chance! Who knows, post-lockdown you might be sporting the glass skin of your (and everybody else’s) dreams.

4 Facial massage techniques

Many beauty junkies swear by facial massage (or face gym – LOL) to keep their skin plump and firm. Like Botox, but without the needles and hefty price tag! Want to try it yourself? This easy-to-follow vid shows you exactly how to do it.

5 Gua sha board techniques

Like jade rollers, gua sha boards have ancient roots but have experienced a recent surge in popularity because of the amazing, non-invasive skincare benefits. Want to know how to use them properly? This video shows you all the right strokes.

6 Level-up your masking

Plopping on a sheet mask and kicking your feet up while it works its magic is one way to do it. But there are ways – which are revealed in this video – to enhance the experience so that you get every bit of skin-lovin’ goodness out of the experience.

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