Vegans Unite - Ethical Makeup and Skincare for a Gorgeous, Earth-Friendly You

Because animals have feelings too. Go vegan!

We’re becoming increasingly aware of the harm being done by cosmetic companies to our furry friends. And while veganism, which is the consumption of plant-based products only, is a term usually used when talking about food, did you know that it can be used in relation to makeup and skincare as well? In fact, there is a growing demand for brands that are not only cruelty-free but that also contain no animal by-products.

Want to switch to a more ethical skincare-and-makeup routine? Look no further – here is our roundup of the best in vegan goods:


  1. LUSH Veganese Hair Conditioner (R95)
  2. SPARITUAL Nail Lacquer (R169 at Faithful-to-nature.co.za) Dreamsicle
  3. URBAN DECAY Naked Skin Liquid Foundation (R550 at Foschiniforbeauty.co.za)
  4. WOOLWORTHS Dipliner for Eyes (R130) Black
  5. SOULTREE Ayurvedic Aamla Shower Gel (R130 at Faithful-to-nature.co.za)
  6. CHARLOTTE RHYS Eau de Parfum Oud Blanche (R1 284 for 100ml EDP)

Why you SHOULD invest in vegan skincare and cosmetics

Other than caring about the cute little animals who are being exploited in cruel testing laboratories across the world, another reason to switch to a plant-based skincare routine is that it is better for you as well. Not only do plants contain more antioxidants (which have been proven to brighten and protect skin) but the products are also more mild than many popular brands so are a great alternative for people who suffer from breakouts or allergies.

So … is it vegan?

Want to know if a product or brand is certified cruelty-free or vegan? Sites like Beauty Without Cruelty South Africa and the Vegan SA Directory give comprehensive lists of products that are kind to your skin as well as stockists across the country.

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