I’m obsessing over Vanessa Hudgens’ natural ‘lockdown’ curls

Silver lining of staying home? Hair rehab…

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Is anyone else developing a low-key obsession with the home lives of celebrities, now we’re all navigating the uncertain world of social distancing and lockdowns across the globe? Because I certainly am. My latest obsession? HSM Queen of our hearts Vanessa Hudgens, who has taken to IG to share footage of possibly the bounciest, shiniest curls we’ve seen in a long time.

Cute and curly

She’s no stranger to a head full of waves – in fact, that’s possibly how we remember her best – but she’s seriously raised the game with her air-dried vibes, taking the opportunity during a bout of social distancing and staying home to give her mane a rest from heat tools and styling (at least, that’s how it looks to us…).

I have lots of questions. Firstly – what is she using to obtain such glossy volume? And how do I get hold of this? Secondly, is this the most genius use of hermit-time I’ve seen yet?

Thirdly, why on earth am I still using straighteners on my hair when the most social interaction I’ve had all day is a conference call via Skype?

Fourthly – is this the beginnings of Hudgens moonlighting as a beauty blogger? She has since taken to the ‘Gram to share snaps of an experiment with blue eyeliner, after all. If so, let it be known that I’m 100% for it.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: Hudge’s glorious mane. It began with a reference to the weather, in which she wrote:

‘Not even gonna try to do my hair with this weather lol sooo this is what it’s gonna be’

…and then she posted this slo-mo footage of herself shaking out the curls to music, giving us extreme curl envy:

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Lockdown vibessss lol ❤️🔮

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All we can say is, Vanessa, please, for the love of god, share your haircare routine with us.

And finally, she treated us to an expertly-lit selfie to show off her enviable shine.

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Annnnd I’m already bored lol

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We’re very much enjoying Vanessa Hudgens’ temporary transition into lockdown beauty vlogger – V, please keep those curls (and this content) coming, even when things are back to normal in the wider world.

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