How to transform your baths from blah to spa

Lockdown, but make it luxurious

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We are on day I-can’t-even-remember-anymore of lockdown in SA, and we are all going to be cooped up indoors until at least the end of the month. You may also have noticed that the weather is also starting to cool down. That means that I have found myself doing a lot more lying in bed. And lying in baths.

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when you just don't want to get out of bed ­čĺľ

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Being the water-wise Capetonian that I am, bathing in a tub is something I hadn’t really done in years, but have now incorporated into my routine on a weekly basis. Because anxious times call for seriously-stress-relieving measures! And, since I only indulge in one every seven days, I like to make my baths count. Here’s how to turn your bathtime ritual into a spa-like experience, using the five senses as a handy guide. You deserve it.

1 Sight

Just like we eat with the eye first, any bath with look that much more, erm, delicious if you make it pretty. This will elevate the experience and make it seem infinitely more luxe. I suggest hauling out the potpourri or picking some blooms from the garden to sprinkle into your bath water. Dim lighting and some scented candles are also a great addition.

2 Smell

Scent is a powerful sense because it has the ability to evoke alllll the feelings, which is why adding essential oils to your bougie bath is a no-brainer. When I make a tub mission, it’s usually because I need to chill the eff out, so I opt for scents like lavender. Bath bombs often contain a blend of aromas and make your experience not only smell great but look Instagrammable too.

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Bath pimpin' #workfromhome

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3 Touch

How should a bath feel? Good question. I like my baths so hot that I have to get in one finger (and toe) at a time and that leaves my skin blotchy and semi-scalded (and my bathroom so steamy I can’t see my hand in front of my face). But this is *ter-ri-ble* for the skin. Damn. You should, ideally, be keeping your water temperature warm rather than hot, and slathering on the moisturiser as soon as you hop out.

4 Sound

Sure, you could listen to the crackling of your candle and the faint popping of the bubbles surrounding you – that’s hella relaxing. But another option – which is also great for blocking any background noise that may be interfering with your Zen – is to put together a bathtime playlist (might I suggest relaxing ocean sounds?) or – my personal fave – to listen to a few episodes of a gripping podcast.

5 Taste

While I am in no way suggesting that you take a glug of bath water (gross!), having a lil’ something to sip on while you are wallowing in the tub is also a welcome extra. Wine is a popular choice, with whiskey and soda being my personal tipple of choice. Not on the booze train? Bring the spa to you by adding some slices of lemon or cucumber to some still or sparkling water. So fresh!

Need to bliss out? Here are six goodies guaranteed to take your bath from blah to spa:


Yankee Candle Medium Jar - A Calm & Quiet Place

R339Yankee Candle

A centred fragrance ÔÇô balanced with gentle jasmine, a whisper of patchouli, and warm amber musk


SoyLites Tumbler Candle - Tranquility 


This candle’s scent is soothing and calming for the nervous system and brings mental clarity


Soil Lavender Essential Oil

R105Faithful to Nature

Lavender is also known for its relaxing and calming properties, so a few drops of this oil in the bath can help you relax


Nature's Craft - Meditation Essential Oil Therapy Blend


This blend of ylang ylang, patchouli, frankincense serrata, clary sage, sweet orange and thyme will help you to unwind and get centred


Lush Bath Bomb - The Comforter


This fizzy, cloud-like ball of cassis-scented fun will help you to unwind before you hit the hay


Bomb Cosmetics Five Colours Bath Blaster


Create a ribbon of rainbows as a multicoloured sensory experience dispenses a spectrum of scents into your bath


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