Your braids have a best before date and that time could be now

It’s time, sis.

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By now your braids have probably overstayed their welcome on your head, I mean nobody actually saw lockdown lasting this long. And now here we are watching days go by with a doek on just to avoid the current mess up there (I’m guilty). Hopefully, by the end of this post, you’ll have the extra push you needed to get that 1 on 1 with your locks done.

Protective hairstyles are a gem for encouraging hair growth. They are also really handy when it comes to saving time in the morning. Essentially you give your hair a break from all the tugging, combing and heat it would endure. Unfortunately, too much of a holiday can have adverse effects for your hair and as a result cancel all your hard work, here’s why:

1. Scalp Build up

Build up is the white stuff formed from all the product you apply to your braids. I mean you think this is a good thing, but with build-up comes dirt, lots of it. This dirt clogs up your hair follicles, I’m talking dead skin cells, oil, sweat etc. This can’t be good for your scalp or even hair growth. You can get away with cleaning your braids with products like the Aunt Jackie’s Grapeseed Moisturising Shampoo, but sooner or later you’re going to have to unplait girl.

2. Knotting

The longer your braids stay on, the more knots you’ll probably bump into whilst unplaiting. Sometimes knots are inevitable for anyone with hair, but these are bound to have you losing way too much hair than you bargained for. Alongside keeping your hair moisturised with a nourishing braid spray, and honouring your braids expiry date, you’re saving yourself from major hair and heart breakage.

3. Hairline mess

I know you’ve felt that brain-displacing-pull that one braid does when it’s too old. Sis, that’s a massive sign that it is time! Although protective styles like braids somewhat protect your hair from the constant pulling and tugging that comes with styling, the pulling and tugging of the braids themselves start to have an effect on your hair. Today you’re doing an Ariana high-pony,  tomorrow a bun and so on.

As your braids are styled and pulled left, right and centre, so is your hair. Too much of this can cause hair loss in the most sensitive parts of your scalp i.e. your hairline. Consider using a hair oil or serum to protect your hairline while you have plaits in. This is reason enough to put some time aside to treat your hair.

Even our fave celebs and influencers are taking the time to go all natural during lockdown if not chopping their hair off completely. There are so many hours in a day all of a sudden, we might as well put them to good use.

Lucky for us.


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